Looking for a WordPress Chatbot Plugin? Check Out Our Top 8 Picks

Wouldn’t you just love it if your website visitors were greeted by an automated almost-human chat-box instead of boring query forms? This is exactly what a chatbot does. It is a software service that automatically breaks the ice and generates relevant replies to people’s questions based on programmed rules. Nowadays, many artificially intelligent chatbots learn from interactions to improve responses. As far as installing plugins is concerned, here is a complete guide to installing WordPress plugins. You can also very easily find hired help for installing and managing all your plugins for you. For now, let’s check out what a WordPress chatbot plugin can do for you.

Why Chatbots are Awesome (If you haven’t already guessed)

WordPress chatbot plugins add the now widely popular human touch to your website. You can find all kinds of websites using these nowadays, be it blogs or eCommerce.

The Human Touch

Customers prefer conversation over forms. An ever-present interactive chat-box in the website gives them the confidence to ask otherwise ignored questions. The more questions they ask, the longer time they spend on your site, giving you a better chance of blowing their minds.

Information Collection

Users are more likely to provide their email addresses if they are asked by a chatbot. This is why businesses widely use chatbots for consolidating user information like email addresses and subscriptions.

24/7 Customer Support

A chatbot will never ask you for a day off, it doesn’t mind working through the weekend, and it won’t even go to sleep at night! Your customers’ basic inquiries can, therefore, be answered anytime, anywhere.

Influencing Users’ Decisions

When a human-ish bot coaxes users, it becomes harder for them to say ‘no’. Well, it’s human nature! If you develop credibility through conversation, they gain interest in you.

Directing Towards Help

While your chatbot may not be able to answer complicated questions, it can surely direct your customers to relevant help articles based on their queries. If not more, it is an amazing customer service.

Fun Engagement

Since the chatbot offers friendly conversation, visitors like to try it out. It serves as an engagement tool.

WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Live Customer Inquiries

Many websites offer live chat to customers without the need of employees to answer basic queries.

IBM Watson Assistant

Watson is just one among IBM’s innumerable AI services. This service lets you build your own chatbot on IBM Cloud!


1.       Create It Yourself

When you create a chatbot yourself, you know it is hand-tailored to suit your business. Ergo, you can set rules and conditions for responses while building the bot. This can become a setback, however, if you have no technical knowledge. Although the plugin never requires you to code, you do require a little bit of tech effort and time before your chatbot is set to go. This doesn’t need to be a hassle, though, if you find a WordPress professional to manage your plugins for you.

2.       Pick Your Pages

With Watson Conversation, you can decide which pages and posts your chatbot should appear on.

3.       Custom Appearance

You can also customize the look and feel of your chatbot. Create a chat service and then make its design meld into your website’s; great as great can be, right?

4.       Usage Control

You can easily set usage limits for your Watson plugin from plugin settings.

5.       Quick Setup

The super-easy setup allows you to be ready and running as soon as possible.

6.       Address User by Name

Watson can integrate users’ information such as name in its responses, which leads to a more personal user experience.

7.       Voice Over Internet Calling

Twilio-powered VOIP in this WordPress chatbot plugin allows customers to connect to real service agents anytime they want.

8.       Multipurpose

You can use Watson Assistant to greet customers, guide them in site navigation, help them find their products of interest, as well as respond to simple queries.

You pay

Nothing for low usage; may need to pay (> USD 1,200) for very high IBM Cloud usage.

Free Live Chat + 24/7 Automated Bot

This is a free WordPress chatbot plugins, most suitable if you have also a live support agent. In the beginning, customer queries are answered by human staff, and with every response, the bot learns to answer questions based on keywords. Once thus trained, the chatbot can take over.


1.       Hybrid Service

This WordPress chatbot plugin gives you the choice to switch back to live staff for customer support anytime. If you’re wondering when you would need that, this usually happens when you need to answer a customer’s complicated query. However, if desired, you can simply continue 24/7 automated customer service.

2.       Assisting Live Agents

Even when your customer service agents are interacting with customers on chat, the chatbot suggests optional replies to choose from based on previous responses.

3.       Asking a Live Agent to Take Over

You can configure the chatbot to automatically switch to live agents in case it fails to understand an inquiry. So, the service is not only smart in responses but also has a Plan B.

You pay


VirtualSpirits Chatbot

This brand-oriented chatbot from VirtualSpirits is available in a variety of paid plans based on your requirements and usage.


1.       Multilingual Support

With this WordPress chatbot plugin, you can offer automated customer service in a huge variety of languages. What a boon to websites which are not in English!

2.       Purpose-Based Templates

VirtualSpirits allows you to choose from different templates based on your requirement. Some common templates, for example, are for customer support, lead generation, eCommerce guide (finding products) and conversion enhancement.

3.       Personalization

You can play with colours, logo and images, and make your chatbot blend seamlessly into your website.

4.       Script Editing

You can edit the default scripts and make the chatbot sound like yourself.

5.       Hybrid Service

You can switch to live agent chat any time a question requires human intervention.

You pay

Besides a 30-day trial, plans start from $9 a month for 200 visitors.

WordPress Chatbot Plugins for Information Gathering

By asking your customers some simple questions you can find out important data about them, such as, which products they are looking for, what niche of blog posts they like, etc.

This chatbot collects feedback and suggestions from customers, enabling you to make improvements.


1.       Editable Script

Like most of the best chatbots, this one too allows you to make changes in the response scripts.

2.       Drag-and-Drop Design Tool comes with a fun drag-and-drop tool for designing the look and feel of your WordPress chatbot plugin.

3.       Data Analysis

You can see the responses collected from your customers through in-depth visual representation.

4.       Easy installation is amazingly easy to set up! Simply copy a code snippet into your site, and you’re good to go.

You pay

Nothing for a simple chat with less than 30 responses a month; there are paid plans available for more responses and some extra features like email notifications.


Gobot is basically a WordPress chatbot plugin meant to collect visitor information, letting you hold on to them through email marketing.


1.       Presenting visitors with relevant forms

Since the chief purpose of this plugin is to collect user information, it prompts customers to fill out polls, surveys, forms, etc.

2.       Some extra features

You can also use Gobot for customer service and meeting schedule.

3.       Email integration

You can automatically build your email list by integrating Gobot with AWeber or MailChimp.

4.       Customizable script with drag-and-drop

The script on Gobot can be customized manually as well as by choosing from set templates, with a fun-to-use drag-and-drop feature.

5.       Page- and time-based messages

The messages your customers see can be different based on the current page they have opened. Since you may need more control, Gobot allows you to set the time after which it should strike a conversation with your visitors.

You pay

The basic plan is free, while some of the above features are paid.

WordPress Chatbot Plugins for WooCommerce and Facebook Messenger

Demo of a product search textbox in a website- WordPress Chatbot Plugin


Now, here are some people who designed a WordPress chatbot plugin keeping in mind the need of WooCommerce retailers to reach their customers on social media. The main idea is to help recover abandoned carts and remind users that there is an incomplete order awaiting their payment. As soon as a user adds items to their cart on your e-shop, they are prompted to enter their Facebook details, and ensures that they receive a reminder after 6 hours of abandoning the cart, that they are informed of some cool products that they might have missed earlier, etc.

You pay

Paid plans start for monthly USD 4.99.

Giga Messenger – Express

Giga Messenger is one of the most popular chatbot plugins which integrate with the Facebook messenger because you can very easily integrate it with WooCommerce just as well as any WordPress site. The chatbot comes with a variety of messages including images, text, videos and even buttons. For each customer who joins the conversation on Facebook, Giga automatically retrieves the user’s contact information which you can use further for managing customer relations (CRM). So, yes, it’s that useful!

You pay:

The pricing starts from USD 29.

WoowBot WooCommerce Chatbot

This is the perfect WordPress chatbot plugin if you intend to help your customers meet their dream products in your WooCommerce store. This simple yet intuitive chatbot at the bottom-right of your page interacts with your customers in natural language, providing them with links to products that they are looking for. Besides, like most of the awesome chatbots out there, you can customize the chatbot’s script of responses to make it sound like you. While you’re at it, you can check out several other eCommerce enhancement plugins for WordPress, too, to help you create the perfect shopping experience for customers.

You pay

The free version is good enough for any simple online store. There is a paid version available, however, starting from yearly USD 30, which comes backed up with advanced features like improved search, greater control to the site owner, messages to users exiting the website, etc.

Let’s Sum Up!

Too much information to process, was it? If so, here’s a brief table to summarize all of these WordPress chatbot plugins.



Although many chatbots are multipurpose, there is one major area where the functionality of each focuses majorly. Hence, I can guess it’s hard to decide. Even if you know you need a chatbot for WooCommerce, there are different ones to help customers and you in different ways. So, before you decide, ask the question, “What am I trying to achieve here?” For instance, you may want to make sure the customers always find the products they are looking for, provide automated customer service support, or maybe just collect their contact information. Thus, once you know what you want your WordPress chatbot plugin to do, it will be much easier to decide on one. Hope the article helped. Once you’ve landed on your perfect WordPress chatbot plugin, you can install it with the help of a paid WordPress expert. Ask questions in the comments!

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