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Why Freelancing is a Great Modern Life Hack

Everybody complains how fast-paced the world has become. How we’re all stuck in our own repetitive hamster wheels, running as the days pass by faster than we can count. Yet ironically, actually running is far from what most do since most of our work involves us remaining plugged into our computers. And with 10-7 (or 11) jobs – family time and most importantly ME-Time – gets limited to weekends (not plural in many cases). All the while, Rihanna’s “Work Work Work” hook – plays as the haunting background score to life. “Work, work, work, work…” But let’s cut the music and confront reality – I don’t think Freelancing is a solution to the problem… I do however think that it is a great modern Life Hack to the solution. But even a great modern life hack is only as good as its implementation, so assuming you hack well – the benefits promised include:

A Shortcut to Your Ambitions

Most (even remotely) ambitious people with decent or great paying jobs, eventually come to the realization that they’re ambitions are being lulled by the short term benefit and convenient stability of a salaried job. Yet, a monthly income is as imperative as capital when having entrepreneurial ambitions, as a dropout who thinks it’s a good idea to do so cause Steve Jobs did – realizes. Freelance helps you earn a decent living while freeing time for securely attempting your own ideas.

Great Work + Life Balance

As illustriously mentioned at the start of the article – the time and dedication regular jobs demand barely leaves time to be equally distributed towards one’s personal life. Working from home means you get to spend more time at home with family or/and friends and cultivate good modern life hack.

Best of Both Worlds

If you lack exercise – Freelancing frees you time to go for jogs at the seaside/park/beach/grocery-store. This is in lieu of having to run late for work – stuck in traffic, or actually running for a train/bus. If you work at odd hours – choose your own working hours in the day or night (referring to the modern trend of increased converts to Nocturnal-ism).

If you’re picky about projects – be selective by all means. To projects you don’t like, say “No means no!” (like the movie Pink). And you won’t get fired!

Miss the stability of a job? Get a part-time job and freelance on the side. Don’t quit your job if you’re a workaholic (crazy person). Knock yourself out by being a solopreneur on the weekends. Breaking the 4th wall – “Pssst…Would it be rude to mention you don’t have to wait to come from work to catch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Or Latest-episode-on-(Insert Netflix Show)”

Exploring Alternative Interests

Always felt like there’s so much more you want to do in life? Finding a modern life hack? Look no further padawan – a freelancer can make time to learn new skills and languages, travel while working, train to be Bruce Lee, adopt a kid – the possibilities are endless. Caution: Most Freelancers don’t utilize their free-time to do the above and instead follow the usual

eat-sleep-work-Facebook/YouTube-repeat cycle. What a waste…

(Oh draaat! I forgot – there was a crazy games sale on Steam!)

Why be a Solopreneur?

Freelancing as a modern hack is in context to the amount of things to explore, which today’s advancements offer. “Get a job – get married – get kids” is no more among the life-wants. The rapid evolution of global digital interaction is multiplying the possibilities-to-attempt. And also things of value that we can and want to do with our time. Freelancing – if nothing else – puts the responsibility of time management in your hands. It serves as a great modern life hack.

Now, how a Freelancer manages that time to obtain benefits from the possibilities mentioned above – is another story/entire-article altogether… a rather long and wounded one indeed.

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