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Website Ideas: How these 20 Brand Websites are Winning their Customers

Creating a website for your start-up can be a daunting task. There are 2 main reasons for this: 1. Your business happens online and if your website is not easy to use and beautiful to surf at the same time, you will lose customers. 2. You cannot keep changing your website every other day. Whatever features you have, will probably stay there for a long time. Hence, it is important to know the latest trends in website design. This is why I am here with a freshly brewed hot mug of inspiration in the form of 20 handpicked website ideas from reputed startups around the world. Take inspiration from these and suggest them to your web developer before you start creating your website.

Top 20 Website Ideas for your Website

One of the major trend in UI Design these days is – keep everything bold and clean; the idea here is to deliver your message straightaway with confidence and clarity. While bold makes you stand out of the crowd, clean makes it easy for users to focus on the important stuff (like your CTA).

Need more ideas like this? Let’s go through the list of top 20 websites for some creative website ideas that you can use:

1. Catscarf

From the title to the homepage, this website announces its product loud and clear. But wait, scarfs for cats? Yes, that’s what they do! The first thing you see is a huge high-res and adorable picture of a cat wearing a scarf. In big fonts, they communicate to you the collection where you can find this featured scarf in. And, right below is the smartly placed CTA – Shop now. Will I shop a scarf for my cat which she might not necessarily need? Well, I surely will!

Website Ideas

Wondering how you can implement this website idea on a WordPress? You can add a static page to your website and use it as your homepage.

All you need to do is insert your image, remove its width and height attributes and select ‘Full-width Page Template, No Sidebar’. Voila!

2. Brave People

This website is filled with brave designs. The series of big bold photographs takes neatness and elegance to a whole new level. This, coupled with smart mouse hover effects, will never fail to make you stop and explore. As if this is not engaging enough, they’ve used an intriguing parallax scroll.

Website Ideas

The easiest way to create parallax scrolling is by adding a background image to a container element. Setting background-image attribute to ‘fixed’ does the trick.

3. Squarespace

When you are looking for website ideas, Squarespace should be your inspiration. It plays with interactive graphics extensively yet tastefully. You are greeted with an elegant carousel of large photographs with animated text. They have created a magical fairyland for you to explore.

An image may zoom in on mouse-hover. Another makes the models turn around when you hover over them. Another is an animated GIF. You are never bored, and the simplicity keeps the intricate design from confusing you.

Website Ideas for small businesses

Carousels are, however, among the tricky elite of website ideas. Always take a content-first approach. If the content in your carousel is not interesting enough, it will lead to a bad user experience. The smart way to use interactive designs is playing around with event listeners and being careful not to overdo it.

4. Jun Lu

Here is a company that trusts its products to impress the customers. The solid indigo background allows products to take the centre-stage. All you see as you scroll down is an image, a GIF or a silent video taking over the screen. A welcome surprise is that the titles follow your cursor.

If you want objects to follow the user’s cursor, you can fiddle with some simple JavaScript to make the object point towards ‘mouse-pointer’.

5. Jonathan Dacosta

This designer knows how to sell. And more importantly, how to use grey-scale. The homepage is replete with tidy tiles of remarkable photographs, each representing a project. The navigation, too, takes your breath away. There is a smart concise intro in the navigation menu itself, and you can switch among pages using arrow keys placed on the top-right of the screen. Too many website ideas? Hell, yeah!

Website Ideas for photographers

The best part of this website’s design is that everything is pretty easy to implement. All you need to do is go experimenting with the placement and alignment of content and widgets all over the website.

6. IWC Schaffhausen

Basic is the new loud, and this company is proving it big time. In a time when watch-sellers are heading into a cacophony of website ideas, IWC plays it simple. The product has been placed right out front and there are no models to baffle or distract the user. Their product is their seling point and by clicking good product pictures, you can create a similar website for your brand.

Website Ideas

7. Spotify

Colours? Yeah! Exploding colours? Oh absolutely! Gradients composed of a single shade are history. Companies like to create their own concoctions of fresh gradients by combining unexpected colours. Spotify does that along with intuitive placement of the CTA, parallax scrolling and straightforward content.

Website Ideas

The one way to play with gradients which you will enjoy the most, is trying out different parameter values in ‘linear-gradient’ function of CSS’s ‘background’ attribute. You’ll end up with something new with every different value of hex-code, angle, transparency, and picture URL.

8. Wondersauce

Simplified navigation is taking over the startup world. The idea is to guide the user to where they want to go quickly and without hassle. Wondersauce does that with a menu that takes over the page and shows a small number of clear headings. They have impressively placed the footer inside the menu tab itself. Why should the user need to scroll all the way down to see the footer, right? Another fun part is the video background on the homepage. This video shows people at work, a unique yet the most effective of website ideas to portray sincerity. You can create 2D animation videos for your start-up, if you want this kind of feature to be available on your website.

Website Ideas

Full-screen navigation menus are super easy to implement with some tweaks made in the CSS code. Once that is done, you can keep adding elements inside this overlay menu, be it your website’s footer or a simple introduction text.

9. Doug Aitken: The Source

Videos in websites lie among the trickiest of website ideas. But this website sets a new standard of boldness by allowing videos to be the theme. The introduction video is followed by a series of video interviews. You can scroll through with the help of a cool strip placed at the bottom of the page. The trippy music keeps you engaged and makes you stick around to see what’s next. This is a bold idea for your website but it is intelligently implemented.

Website Ideas

10. Britney Spears

For a product or service that needs no introduction or description, this is the best you can do. This homepage has only one thing – a huge picture of Britney Spears and her name in big uppercase letters. THAT’S IT! You do not need to scroll to see what Britney Spears is all about. Very well, there is no scroll on the homepage. You’ll jump straight to the menu because that’s where you’ll find what you came for. The rest of the website, too, contains fixed tiles covering complete pages.

Website Ideas

Want to do something like this? Keep your website’s front page static. Divide your content into perfect categories so that the user will find it exactly where they expect it. As for the tile design, WordPress plugins shall be your boon.

11. Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s page design is full of website ideas. The stylish side navigation menu, the dark neutral theme, high definition pictures, everything makes you want to stay logged on. The engaging carousel of screen-wide images displaying different kinds of the whiskey is a cherry on the cake. They also have a fun-to-use filter for finding recipes.

Website Ideas

Thinking of implementing a carousel? The Carousel Plugin on Bootstrap will take you places with minimal effort.

12. Google Glass

Here’s another company who knows how to sell. The product needs an introduction as it is new, and an introduction is what it gets. The whole homepage is covered with big photographs of different kinds of people using the product. This is followed by how the product can be useful in daily life. Important website ideas to pick from here are expression without talking, white spaces, and simplicity of photographs.

Website Ideas

13. Crop the Block

If you too have a service that you can showcase on your website, here’s the best of website ideas for the same. This site features amazing screen-wide video clips illustrating their filmmaking skills.

When you’re a creative firm, you have to show it in style.

And that is what these people do by pairing these video clips with impressive typography. The embedded map lets you pick a local artist in your city and watch their video.

Website Ideas

A few simple ways to embed videos in your homepage are HTML5 Video Player, HTML Video Embed via Flash Player, and WordPress Web Video Player.

14. Whiteboard

This website contains so many amazing website ideas that it’s hard to list each one out. The video background remains static as you scroll through the overlay content. The scroll itself has a parallax effect. Parts of images give way to content when you hover. Casual pictures of the staff at work serve as a great way to build credibility in the first impression.

Website Ideas

15. Symbolset

Here’s the most engaging of website ideas: the text is editable! This website welcomes you with animated white text on a colour-changing background. The user can start typing into the text to see words transform into icons. Go ahead and use your website to illustrate your product with a fun unique feature yourself!

Website Ideas

16. Dropbox

Dropbox has remodelled its website, introducing contrasting solid backgrounds in addition to its blue theme. The homepage is filled with video clips illustrating working screens on Dropbox. If you’re looking for website ideas, this is a handy one. Fiddle with colours in addition to your product theme to make a bold statement.

Website Ideas

This is especially awesome if you want to revamp your web-page and rebrand your business. After all, a bored audience is an unseated audience.

17. Simone Marcarino

This UI/UX designer teaches you how to make a minimalistic statement and do it with class. What can a ‘seller of interactions’ display on their website? Answer: an interaction that blows your mind! The single page website contains an intricate black-and-white changing pattern. The best part? It allows you to drag and drop your own image and watch it turn into a moving pattern! The pulsating music adds a nice background to the fun interaction. Check this website out and you will thank us later! 🙂

Website Ideas

Our takeaway here: instead of looking for chic website ideas, maybe create your own!

18. Evernote

Did I just almost forget Evernote? Clean white spaces, colourful illustrations, simple font -everything about this website is inviting to the users. Evernote teems with inspiring website ideas for startups. The best among them is the clickable colourful drawings leading to video popups. There are videos embedded in the homepage, but do they take up space? No. Do they make the website look complicated? No.

Website Ideas

Evernote uses YouTube video embedding, and this is very easy to implement on any website framework, be it custom developed or on WordPress.

19. Nobly

Nobly successfully experiments with contrast. The homepage has some content, a simple white and purple theme, and simple photographs as backgrounds. The about page then surprises you with huge pictures and little text.

Website Ideas

20. Flowmail

Multi-colour gradients and neat? Could you have imagined this? Flowmail has! This super-neat website is filled with shots of newsletters made using their tool, alongside meaningful content. They use ample space and make a great first impression without the need of any animation at all.Website Ideas

In Conclusion…

Your website needs to represent you. Pick out the design ideas that reflect your vision, the image that you want to put forward, and if you can showcase your product/service along the way, that is great. More than anything, you have got to stand out of the crowd. So, do something different from the rest of your industry, without overdoing it, and you’re good to go.

If you have any queries, let us know in the comments below and our expert will answer them. If you are looking to hire a web designer or web developer, do post your requirement on InstaTaskers and we can help connect you with relevant freelancers. 🙂

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