Role of video content during sales process

Video Content For Each Stage Of The Sales Funnel

We already know that video content can do wonders for your brand if used correctly. Now, there are many ways in which you can use videos to promote your brand, but we recommend integrating video content with your sales funnel to derive a seamless marketing strategy. Call it the PBJ (peanut butter and jelly sandwich) of the marketing world; because the combo is that innocuous and simple. The results though are simply amazing!

*If you don’t already know the statistics on how video content can help your brand, feel free to peruse our blog and learn the numbers.

Did You Know that 70% of All Purchase Decisions are Made Independently?

Yes! According to research 81% of customers today read reviews and conduct meticulous research before deciding on a purchase. 70% of these decisions are made even before your company’s sales rep has had the chance to say ‘Hello’. You may have a dedicated sales team waiting to convert potential leads into actual buyers, but their efforts are getting wasted because they are not being ably supported by the content that the customer sees during their research phase.

Therefore, to understand how and where you can use video content to support your sales strategy, let us first understand a normal buyer’s journey and what they need at each stage.

Understanding the Sales Funnel and Buyer Needs

For this article, let’s take a hypothetical company whose sales funnel is represented by the figure below. From this, we see that our company spends maximum time and effort in the first two stages of the funnel – creating awareness and engagement. Depending on your product and client base, your sales funnel could be slightly varied. A brand with a market monopoly (like Maggi) would not need to spend much on awareness, but they will still need to work on engagement and trust building.

Sales Funnel: Awareness, Engagement, Purchase


What is important to note, however, is that the buyer’s requirements stay the same throughout the sales funnel, across brands. Buyers at the top of the funnel are looking to know about your product and how it will solve their needs. They have a problem and they are looking for solutions. Your job is to make sure they know that your brand is the best answer to all their needs.

In the middle of the funnel, buyers are in decision-making mode. They are aware of your brand’s offerings, but they wish to confirm that your product is the best among all the other choices they have. Maybe they have done some extra research, and have some doubts about going ahead with the purchase. This is typical of brands and products which are high-value and long-lasting. Someone looking to buy furniture for their house will want to know more about the product’s durability, manufacturing process etc. than someone who is buying shoes, for instance. The need here is to provide the customer with content that builds trust and helps them in their evaluation process. Video marketing at this stage can be a crucial aid to traditional sales processes.

At the bottom of the funnel, there is only one ask – making a purchase. This sounds like a typical sales task, but video tutorials can also be a great help. Video marketing can be that final nudge your customer needs to make the call and buy your product.

Video Content for Each Stage of The Funnel

Now that we know the various stages of a buyer’s journey and what they are looking for at each stage, it becomes easier to customise the video content accordingly. So, let’s break it down step-wise and dive into the details:

  1. Top of the Funnel

As we saw above, the buyer at the top of the funnel is looking for a solution to a problem they have. They are probably not aware of your brand or its offerings yet. So, the video content at this level should be a bird’s eye view of your entire company that is not too heavy on the details and yet promises to offer a solution. The following types of videos will fall into this category:

  • Hero Video: The hero video is a small introduction to your brand and what it does. You can showcase company culture, products, your brand’s modus operandi and anything and everything you believe will attract a prospective customer. Example: The BabaJob Introduction Video.


  • How-To Tutorials and Educational Videos: These work great for products that are business-oriented. They are also known as explainer videos because they tell you how to use a product or tool. These videos have an educational theme, and they highlight your product without sounding too sales-y. Case in point: the Dropbox for Business Explainer Video.

  • Thought Leadership and Inspirational Videos: Webinars and interviews that showcase your company’s work and your position as an industry leader do more than spreading awareness. They immediately help consumers look up to your brand for trustworthy solutions for their own needs. To see how experts do it, take a look at this IntelIT Connect video below:

  1. Middle of the Funnel

When your buyer has trickled down to the middle part of their journey, the need is to keep them engaged and remind them again of why your product is the best choice. Remember, your buyer may be still researching their options. So there is no way you can take them for granted. Instead, you need to nurture them. Companies that follow the middle-of-the-funnel lead nurturing see a 20% rise in sales and 4-10 times higher response rate.

What kind of video content will work magic here? We list these below:

  • Detailed Product Demos: Product videos and explainer videos do overlap significantly, but you can tweak them around to suit your needs. With a demo video, you can take a more nuanced look at the product on offer and concentrate on key USPs. The demo video for the DJI Ronin is a fun example of this.


  • Testimonials and Case Studies: Testimonial videos are a sure-fire way to build trust among your client base. When you see a product that has worked for someone else, you are more inclined to try it out yourself. Sandwich Video made this video for Slack, and you can sense the impact for yourself:


  1. The Bottom of the Funnel

Remember how we said before that about 70% of all buyer’s make independent purchase decisions? Google and CEB’s report on the Digital Evolution in B2B marketing shows a similar trend among B2B buyers as well. The report says that buyers are about 57% of the way through the sales funnel before they even talk to a representative. This should underline the importance of the videos above, and also why you should take video marketing at the bottom of the funnel seriously. A deal is not final until it is inked, or a transaction has been made and you can still lose a client at this stage due to other reasons.

To keep your customer from weaving away, you need that slight nudge that will get him to make the final purchase. These videos might help:

  • Campaign or event Videos: Are you taking part at an event where your potential client might also be present? This would be a good way for your consumers to see your products live and make a buy. So, send an invitation via video a la GoPro.


  • FAQ Videos: Buyers are often worried about post-purchase customer service. So create a video that addresses any and all of the issues your customer might be grappling with. McDonald’s Canada did this amazingly well with their FAQ videos that addressed actual consumer concerns.

And when your customer finally does make the purchase, don’t forget to send a thank-you note. Yo can also include them in any future video marketing strategies. That might just keep them coming back for more!

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