Unbridled freedom in being a freelancer

The Unbridled Freedom In Being A Freelancer

The Unbridled Freedom In Being A Freelancer

Have you strayed into the bottomless pit of information on the internet and just spiraled into a series of thoughts that are in no way connected to the work you’re supposed to get done?

It’s just one of the many things in which a freelancer can get lost. Others being Netflix, or catching up with a friend, and even overworking for a client.

What’s Perceived As Freedom, Might Not Be Freedom, After All!

Think about it, I choose who I work with, what to work on, when not to work, or just chill… I hold the freedom of doing whatever I want, whenever I wanted… I can now achieve that elusive work-life balance.

Wow, that sounded swell to my heavily conditioned brain. I jumped straight into full-time freelancing. I had communicated with clients and pulled work-from-home sessions quite successfully in the past. So I thought I’d use my core skills to advantage to buy my freedom from the corporate environment.

And.. Oh Boy, Was I Wrong?

My thought structure crumbled when I started off. Unwilling clients and stubborn deadlines let me down. Sometimes I let down myself – when I decided to put away a project bid for a couple of hours, and it was gone. Poof!

What I wanted when I started freelancing was freedom – from the 9 to 5 lifestyle, from the nauseating cubicles – that varied only in sizes, but never in character. Freedom, to be my manager, and delegator; but instead, I was losing confidence with every lost project.

Freedom Is A Pathless Land, And You Can Steer Yourself Anywhere

Be it economic freedom, creative freedom, or the freedom of choice; none of it is handed to you on a platter.

I started discerning the other problems that were plaguing my method of working, like…

  1. Time Management

This obscene abundance of time at my disposal was a two-edged sword. I didn’t know how bad I was at it till I completed my first month freelancing. I had to start organizing my time more effectively.

  1. Procrastination & Distraction

Don’t wait for the mood to set or inspiration to kick in to begin work. Surveys show that surfing the internet or watching shows and spending time on social media constitute to nearly 88% of the major distractions for all freelancers.

  1. Work In Quick Bursts

If long sessions are tedious, break them up. Have a plan chalked out because smaller deadlines would ultimately lead up to the final one.

  1. Don’t Overwork

Always get the client brief right, and work what towards the brief… It would eventually set a rhythm, and you’ll not end up wasting precious time on gathering too much information and doing the work.

  1. Bite What You Can Chew

Last, but stands as a precedent while taking work. Communicate deadlines clearly with clients, and carefully choose the projects by setting monthly economic targets.

The Price You Pay For Freedom

Freedom is not free, you need to pay a high price to achieve it, and once you have it, you need to do everything in your power to keep it intact.

With these little fixes, freelancing life has becomes undemanding, and helps in saving extra hours to do the things that lets you enjoy life better, establishing true freedom.

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