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UI Design Trends That Can Help Your Brand In 2017

The UI design industry can be very fickle. UI design trends come and go and before you can even decide on what your site should look like, the landscape of the industry might take a huge turn. This can throw a huge spanner in your works. With a few expert tips though, you might be able to get away unscathed! So, without much ado here are some of the best tips on the internet that we have curated for you. Hopefully, they will make a world of difference in your brand building and website creation process.

  1. A more immersive video experience

The world moved away from using stock photos in websites long back. The trend today is to use more original photography. If possible, brands create a fullscreen video to provide a more immersive experience. A video, as well as full page imagery, works well in catching the attention of users. Also, full-screen videos and images blend in well with typography, giving your content the prominence it deserves.

  1. Mobile-first will be the choice for all brands

52.7% of global internet users browse the web on their phones. As per mobile UI trends 2017, a mobile-first approach to website creation allows these potential clients to be able to savour your brand’s offerings even on the go. Changing UI design trends for mobiles and other devices is not new. However, as Paul Randall, Senior UX Architect at Evosite puts it, with responsive design you cannot afford to clutter up your screen. This has forced brands to think of simple but obvious design elements that the end user can easily understand. The focus of brand sites should be to highlight the key functionalities and minimise break points.

  1. Scrolling content formats for all devices

This might sound counter-intuitive to the idea of responsive design mentioned above but it has proved to work. Mobile users are already comfortable with the mechanic of scrolling to find good content, and this format provides designers with enough leeway to create a fabulous design in line with mobile UI design trend 2017. It works well with pages that have, or need, long content and allows the message to be delivered succinctly with the use of great images. When using this technique, it is important to keep your content structured and use a linear narrative. The immersive and seamless scrolling format allows users to consume information in a fluid manner, but only if the content structure complements the design needs.

  1. Use of gradients and bold colours

2013 brought in the flat UI design trends and brands jumped onto the bandwagon without haste. The result was that most websites started to look the same with similar design patterns and colour choices. As per 2017 web design trends, designers have been veering back towards using bold colours and employing gradients in their UI design to distinguish themselves from others. Instagram’s recent logo change is a good example of the use of gradients in UI design trends and the company’s colour choices (as compared to the previous neutral tones they had used) points an arrow towards the new direction in UI design 2017.

The use of strong colours and gradients also makes sense from the perspective of user psychology. Vivid colours make the reader feel energetic and bright. Gradients demarcate different content pieces, without causing abrupt changes in the information flow. The user can thus process the information better. However, since colours are so uniquely associated with emotions, it is important to choose the right colour palette that coordinates with the tone of your content.

  1. Parallax scrolling for sites

This ties in with what we have said before about scrolling and video or image use. Parallax scrolling is a technique used to create a 3D effect in UI design. The foreground and background of the site move at different speeds thus giving it a fun, interactive vibe as the user scrolls down. The website from Boy Coy is a great example of parallax scrolling design. The colours are vivid, the animation just right, and the 3D effect generated by parallax scrolling gels well with the overall content theme and presentation.

One expert pointer about using this technique – it does not work as well with single page websites as it does with long-form content in multiple sections. On a single page, it will only add to the clutter that is there on the site and bring down the overall impact of your brand site.

  1. Deviating from the Grid

The Grid is the Holy Grail of UI design. By using the grid mechanism, UI designers can create websites that are proportionate and follow certain principles. These are a basic set of rules that define content placement to grab the reader’s attention. Designers are increasingly deviating from the well-defined principles of grid design. This has helped them create websites with dynamic and versatile layout choices.

The website of Ukraine based Sergey Makhno architects is a prime example of what deviating from set norms can achieve. Their website is full of personality and colour and brings about the brand’s ethos in a visually appealing manner.

Choosing the right UI design trends for your brand is important

Unless you are a brick and mortar establishment, you brand site is the first point of interaction with your customer. It is important that your site reflects the values of your business. If you are a creative company but your site says otherwise, it is not going to infuse trust. The right design choice also sets you apart from the competitors. Look at the trends from an objective eye and temper it with a good dose of market research. Finally,  and use the ones that make the most sense for your business.

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