The Solopreneur – Marketing Yourself As A Freelancer

So, this one time at a freelancer forum, I had a conversation with this person who referred to herself as a Solopreneur. I heard this word the first time and I chuckled hard.

But the word stuck in my head, and a Google search later that day gave me an understanding as to why I was only a freelancer, and she was a Solopreneur.

Who Are You, Solopreneur?

I checked Urban Dictionary out of curiosity. The cited example of usage pleasantly surprised me. It was one of the finest usages I’d read. It was like a character trait; “The typical solopreneur is easily tempted to become a work-a-holic, not feeling their work is ever done! They do the administrative tasks, marketing, customer service and service delivery typically by themselves.” [sic].

I know it’s overwhelming to juggle multiple clients. But.. you need multiple clients for that! If you are looking to be a serious player, and don’t want to be that person putting the “free” in the “freelancer,” you need paying clients… You need to transform into a Solopreneur.

This. Means. Marketing. Yourself.

If you drove a cab, who are you?

A Cab Driver.


You are a Passenger Navigation Technology Facilitator.

Now, this is not a lie.. just the bloated truth. In reality, Solopreneur is a freelancer extending his innate marketing and delegating traits for his betterment. But “Solopreneur” sounds more like he’d deliver than a “Freelancer,” not taking anything away from the freelancer though…

This is Marketing? It Sounds Like A Sham!

Ha ha ha, this is not the whole of it. The metamorphosis into a Solopreneur can start off somewhere here…

Portfolio is the inception of any freelance project; it is supremely important to have a well-consolidated portfolio.

You can double the chances of getting noticed by creating your portfolio on a website. Because a sleek little website talking about your services can be super convincing for the client.

Just think about it, having your web address printed on your Business Cards. Since real-life marketing is still a thing, and expanding your social circle outside of the internet can also get you more projects.

Don’t forget to update your Social Media. Being a creative, and gaining validation in the social media circle can also win you referrals. LinkedIn, the mecca of jobs and the largest professional network in the world can always fix you a nice gig if your work is top notch.

And finally…Freelancer Aggregators. Connect with consultants who aggregate both clients and freelancers, either through a marketplace, or personally. Being in the know on both demand and supply side, they play the role of Business Development for freelancers by taking their work to clients who have related requirements.

Psst.. Solopreneurs Can Mint Money In The Coming Decade

As of 2016, all leading global surveys around freelancing are pointing to India riding the wave of tech boom, which is only going to get better. The businesses and associated services have a lot of money pinned on them. Since Solopreneurs come with excellent core skills, they are the go-to guys for new-age entrepreneurs who are looking to outsource work.

After all, Solopreneurs are good at managing themselves and staying content with that; they can make a killing from the current scenario, as long as they do a good job.

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