The Seven Different Types of Logos

In loving memory of under-paid designers (irrespective of the type of logo they design)-

Client: “15,000 Rupees! Just for a Logo? For such a small thing? … It’s not a painting at an art gallery, It’s just a small symbol… How can you expect me to pay Rs.15,000 for something so small?”

Designer *sharp intake of breath*: “But sir it will be what represents your company every single place. It will be the symbol people remember your company by for as long as it exists…”

Client: “Yes but even I can draw a few dots or lines. Or just write my company’s name in some font… I’m sorry, my final price is Rs.7,000”

Designer (thinks a while): “Okay sir – I’ll tell you what… I’ll do your logo for Rs.5,000 if you help me by telling me which of the 7 types of Logo – you would prefer for your brand”

Client (asks curiously): “Okay – remind me of the 7 different types of logos and I’ll pick one for you”

Designer: “Sure… would you like your logo to be an abstract mark, a mascot logo, an emblem, a letter mark, a wordmark, a pictorial mark or a combination mark?”

Client (staring blankly for a while then gets a pen and paper out): “Can you repeat the question?”

The Designer patiently repeats as the Client writes down the 7 types of logo.

Designer: “Perhaps you’d like me to give you a brief background on these different types of Logos?”

Clients nods slowly – still suspicious of some sort of trick.

The Designer takes a deep breath and begins: “Sir –

Abstract Mark

An Abstract Mark is basically a logo which is a uniquely created pictorial representation of y our brand. It is basically not a depiction of a place, animal, or thing we are familiar with. Rather it is a newly formed shape, unrecognized, and thus a unique picture by which your company may be recognized. As you can see the Pepsi bottle on your desk here, has a logo which represents this type perfectly. It also incidentally cost Pepsi $1,000,000. The logo thus uniquely embodies a shape that none of us can explain other than by attributing its meaning to Pepsi.



A Mascot Logo is basically a logo that puts a face to the brand. Like KFC’s Colonel Sanders as shown on the packaging of that Chicken Bucket that was just delivered to you. It is an illustration of an invented character that best represents your brand’s personality, or an illustrative representation of an actual individual, possibly even your face – as you being the inventor of your brand. But sir, in case you choose this type, I may not be able to reduce cost – since it will require capturing the depth of your sharp features, as complex as the kind of costly paintings you referred to earlier…*ehem*…


…Moving on –


An Emblem is a logo type you go with in case you’re looking for a grand, classy and traditional look. This logo type involves the font being incorporated into an icon, thus becoming part of a single inalienable unit – like a badge. Also, you don’t have to peer across the street from your window, to know what the Starbucks opposite your office looks like, as you can close your eyes and recall the mermaid and Starbucks green. Such modernized versions of Emblem type logos can be found as logos for sports teams as well, like your favorite cricket team – the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Letter Mark

A Letter Mark is a type of logo that’s perfect if your brand name is long and contains more than three words or names, as it is a typographic representation of your brands initials, in fonts and colors that represent your brand personality. A good letter mark logo can make your brands easy to recognize and remember, like HBO standing for House Box Office, which is almost quirky inward – while sounding super film-like outward. So this could be perfect for your brand name sir, which respectively contains your grandfather’s name, your father’s name, and your name.

Word Mark

A Word Mark is almost like a letter mark type of logo, but instead of abbreviating the brand name – it spells it out in full in appropriate font. This is perfect in the case of brand names like Coco Cola or Google which are by themselves catchy or easy to remember, or like your brand name which is also… interesting.


Pictorial Mark

A Pictorial mark is the logo for the brand you think of now every-time you think of a chewed-on Apple, or a twittering blue bird. In other words, the objective of such a type of logo is to make the picture it draws upon to become the sole reminder for the brand. For example – the apple logo behind my Macbook here doesn’t have to spell the brand out in alphabets for you to know which brand it’s made by.


Combination Mark

A Combination mark is as its name suggests and a popular choice, since it combines two type of logo into one. There is a letter mark/word-mark and a pictorial mark. This is the best choice for equal recognition for logo and brand, re-enforcing each other concurrently. So, for Burger King it works perfectly – as it not only contains these two type of logo, but simultaneously represents the king-sized products they serve….


… And that about explains them all. So sir, which type of logo would you prefer for your brand?”

Client: ……………

Designer: Sir?

Client: ……………..

Designer: Sir! Can you hear me!

Client (jerks awake): Oh yes yes! I was just… thinking deeply.

Designer: No problem… So what type of logo have you decided on?

Client (annoyed): Why do you keep asking me that? I’m not a logo-designing expert, isn’t that what I’m hiring your expertise for?

Designer (smiles widely): Very true! Thank you for acknowledging my expertise! We can now agree upon my minimum charges of Rs.15,000 for your logo and get started right away.

Client: But…

Designer: Don’t worry sir, the crash course in logo design was complimentary.

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