2D Animated explainer video

Opting for 2D, Whiteboard or Infographic Explainers?

Why Explainer Video?

Well for starters – it’s the visual age! Content is king, but people just like to watch and hear it more than they like to read it now. And what is a better way to showcase your product than explainer video!

YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year. 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. Wait, why are you reading all these pro-video stats, when you can just watch a video about it .

So how expensive is it to get an explainer video made?

Well the good news is, there are effective and affordable options. As the title suggests 2D animation, Whiteboard or Infographic explainer video comes highly recommended. The starting price for either of which is Rs.200 per second (as of Dec 2016). Most service providers provide free iterations and charge only for changes after the script is finalized.

2D Character Animation Explainer Video

2D Animation explainer video is way cheaper than 3D animation and Live Action video. They don’t require the immense amount of detailing required by 3D animation and Live Action videos. They also drastically cut down the cost for actors and setting – in the case of the latter. This results in concise videos and reduced amount of time-taken to complete a video. The margin for error is reduced due to the lack of relying on good acting. Besides, 2D animation is as or more effective than any other type of video, when conveying a message. Don’t believe me – see here.

2D Whiteboard Explainer Video

Whiteboard animated explainers are a bit simpler than 2D, since they involve recording – explanatory visuals being drawn on a white-board. The actual effect created is a time lapse or stop-motion – and it can be done purely on software as well. As videos, they work perfectly with narrative explanations, simplifying information and the process of watching an idea come alive in the form of animated sketches – can be incredibly intriguing and fun to watch.

2D Inforgraphic Explainer Video

Infographic Explainer Videos are perfect when you have an information overload of facts and figures that need to be explained. A good… no, a great designer is key – when making infographics and infographic videos. Only way boring statistics and graphs can be made appealing to look at, is through interesting design elements and intelligent segregation of content – with appealing icons. Here again, the only reason you’re doing a video and not a series of infographic visuals – is so that you can animate them to life, and so quality video-editing and good music is a no brainer. Oh! And all of this is assuming your data is top notch, if not – then you may want to hire a professional academic researcher, because info is key in infographics.

To add, the flexibility in portrayal that these three types of videos afford, often make for some really funny videos – which pretty much guarantees an exponential decline in drop-off rate.

So what do you exactly need when creating these Explainer Videos?

A Good (and preferably short) Script

The cornerstone for crafting any kind of explanation. One of the benefits of a 2D video is its scripting flexibility, things don’t necessarily have be too lifelike or follow the visual logic of a 3D or a Live action video. This allows you to manipulate narrative elements, to create a catchy, concise and relatable story/explainer – within a shorter span. In fact, talented script writers often script videos that don’t need voice overs, which can save on cost and speed up process. It is important to note that short explainers have lower drop-off rates and helps in cutting cost.

Voice Over

Just because it is possible to create good visual explainers without voice overs, doesn’t make including it a bad idea. Few words squeezed within seconds can’t justify some ideas. Good voice over saves your viewers the need to read too much, while taking in the visuals of your video. More importantly, it allows your brand to establish its tonality more pronouncedly, which is why it is imperative to carefully scout voice talent and plan what you want your brand to sound like. Sometimes the best punchlines written, could mean a punch to reputation – if not said correctly.

Voice Sync & Video Editing

In the case of 2D animated videos, it is important for your voice-over to fall in sync with each scene for desired effect. A good video editor will ensure that your video and voice transition scene by scene – hand in hand. The narrator shouldn’t be still talking about pain-points when the visuals are projecting achievements. This one’s a no-brainer really.

Licensed Background Music

Silent films are great – as long as they’re films (the artsy kind). Explainers on the other hand, need the sound of music. It could mean the difference between your audience watching your video droopy eyed, or bobbing their head while being emotionally engaged. Infographics lean dangerously close to being too technical and statistical and can definitely use music to breathe life into them. Warning! The music you choose must be originally composed or bought online from websites like audiojungle.net or audioblocks.com to avoid licensing issues. (I once tried starting a rap career on YouTube by rapping over popular music instrumentals I found online. Moral of the story – I’m still a copywriter)

Video Hygiene

No, I don’t mean including a toothbrush commercial. The entire point of your video is to advertise your brand, to tell people where to avail it, find it and how to remember it. Ensure your video is in Full HD quality (no self-respecting brand would dare lesser). Also ensure that it follows your brand’s design guidelines, sufficiently showcases your brand’s logo and other platforms you’re present on, has a clear call-to-action and proper URL inclusion. In videos you really want to dedicate the last few seconds to tell your audience to Like, Subscribe and Share.

According, to Unbounce – animated explainer videos increase conversion rates by 20%. I daresay, Here is a video that puts this long article on Video Explainers in context more concisely and entertainingly.


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