Make Money on WordPress Blog: Legit Style

You’ve been blogging on WordPress for a while and you enjoy it, but it’s about time you make some money out of it. As much as you love blogging, a corner of your mind wishes there was more reward than just the joy of writing and sharing. Well, worry not, because there are tons of ways to make money on WordPress, and I’m talking about legit methods.

Before we talk money, let’s get the facts clear. None of the following tips is a get-rich-overnight formula; they’re all just some useful options you can pick from. All you need to start off with any of the following methods is a WordPress blog. Let’s go!

You’ll find here…

Monetization of Content

  • Start Affiliate Marketing on WordPress
  • Display Ads with Google AdSense
  • Sell Ads with a WordPress Advertising Plugin
  • Get Your Blog Posts Sponsored
  • Write Paid Reviews
  • Try Flipping Websites

Paid Membership Website

  • Post Restricted Content (Members-Only)
  • Start Your Own Private Forum

eCommerce on WordPress

Selling Online Services

  • Get Freelancing!
  • Become a Paid Online Consultant
  • Earn as an online coach

Selling Digital Products

  • Sell Courses with WordPress
  • Sell eBooks Online
  • Become a Webinar Host

Selling Physical Products

  • Create a WooCommerce Online Retail Site
  • Start Your Own T-Shirt Shop
  • Try WooCommerce Dropshipping
  • Host an Amazon Affiliate Shop on WordPress

WordPress Development Sales

  • Sell Your Own WordPress Plugins
  • Create WordPress Themes
  • Sell Design Graphics

Monetization of Content

Start Affiliate Marketing on WordPress

Advertisements may seem like the most obvious way of making money on WordPress, but not all advertisements need to be obvious. With affiliate marketing, you can use your WordPress blog to recommend a product or service to your readers. Special links with trackers available on your blog will earn you a commission every time one of your reader goes ahead and buys the product or service.

You can easily find an affiliate marketing program available with many products in your industry. Think of products which your readers may like, and then look up an affiliate marketing program for such a product. Most of the popular online sellers, be it Amazon, eBay or Snapdeal, have affiliate programs.

Display Ads with Google AdSense

Here’s the easiest way you will find on the web. Make money on WordPress by simply adding some script from Google AdSense. This is a pay-per-click (PPC) or cost-per-click (CPC) approach. Every time one of your readers clicks on an ad, you earn a set amount.

adsense example


Sell Ads with a WordPress Advertising Plugin

However easy, AdSense puts a cap on your potential to make money on WordPress. You cannot decide how much each click earns you, and a portion of the money goes to Google. Using a WordPress advertising plugin, you can sell some banner space on your website directly to the ad sponsors. This makes you free to negotiate the CPC directly with the companies.

Another plus is that you can switch from pay-per-click to pay-per-view. Or, even better, let the calculations be and charge a flat amount. Wondering who will manage the negotiations, terms and invoicing for you? Plugins like BuySellAds will make life easier for you.

Get Your Blog Posts Sponsored

You may not want your audience to be bugged with advertisements, and that’s understandable. You can still make money on WordPress blogs by gaining sponsorship. This way, you get complete control on the content appearing on your pages, your audience does not get annoyed and you have no fear of ad blockers.

All you do is represent a product in your blog and talk it up in the eyes of your readers, in exchange for some money from your sponsors. Before you approach firms for sponsorship, it is good practice to consolidate statistics of your web traffic, social media popularity, viewer demographics, etc. With such information handy, you will more effectively convince sponsors. Also, be careful to follow your regional disclosure laws when posting sponsored articles.

Write Paid Reviews

This is very similar to sponsored blog posts, the slight difference, or I’d say edge, being that companies give you their products to try for free, and you get paid to review them on your WordPress blog. Websites like SponsoredReviews can connect you with companies interested in getting their products reviewed.

Try Flipping Websites

If you can develop a WordPress website, you can make money on WordPress by selling it! Many companies like to buy already established websites and use them as their own. Develop a WordPress blog, generate some traffic, and sell your hard work to a business who needs it. What a win-win!

Before starting, you need to know what kind of websites companies are looking for and how much they are ready to pay for it. Website auctioning platforms like Flippa can help in this case.

Paid Membership Website

Post Restricted Content (Members-Only)

Once you have developed a loyal audience, they may not mind paying for your content. You can limit more detailed posts, downloads, media content, etc. only to paying members. This method undoubtedly requires commitment on your end, since you must keep providing premium content. On the other hand, the fact that you have subscriptions means that you make money on WordPress blog posts regularly.

Plugins like MemberPress will help you create membership blogs quickly.

Start Your Own Private Forum

You can also create a forum that only paying members can access. Members can use this forum to directly ask you questions as well as provide other members with solutions. Forum moderation may require considerable effort on your end, but then again, it earns you regular revenue.

eCommerce on WordPress

Selling Online Services

One of the best ways to start earning online is through the sale of your services through your web platform. You do not require inventory, and, sometimes, you do not even require investment.

Get Freelancing!

You’re already a skilled blogger. Why not sell your skills by offering freelance services? And, I’m not talking just about blogging. You may have expertise in a different niche or even a variety of niches, maybe digital marketing. Offer your skills and get paid for your work!

Your WordPress blog will help you get customers because you already have an audience that is fond of your skills.

Become a Paid Online Consultant

Another popular way to make money on WordPress is by starting your own online consulting business. Your expertise is valuable and can become paid for. Through consulting, you can earn by advising your clients and strategizing for them, without having to really offer services. Just add a form on your blog with which users can request for your consultancy.

Earn as an Online Coach

Coaches are a bit different from consultants. You can hold paid one-to-one coaching sessions, online courses, tutorials, etc. on your WordPress blog. Several WordPress plugins will help you create scheduling and booking interfaces on your site.

Selling Digital Products

Digital products can serve as a great one-time effort to recurrently make money on WordPress. Once you have your digital product(s) ready, your only task is to sell it on your site.

Sell Courses with WordPress

Online courses can earn you ample money. Your one-time effort here is to create your courses in their ready-to-sell form and prepare all the add-on material such as downloads, slideshows, etc. You can also offer one-to-one support in your course, for some added price.

WordPress has some LMS (learning management system) plugins to help you set up once you have all your content ready.

Sell eBooks Online

eBooks are for sure the most easy-to-create digital products if you are a WordPress blogger. You already have some expertise in writing, eBooks are easy to create, and your blogs can serve as some of your content. Or, better, consolidate your blogs into chapters and make an eBook out of it!

Once you have completed the content of your eBook, create an attractive cover, and go on to convert the whole thing into a digitally readable format, such as PDF, Daisy, or EPUB. Digital download plugins and eCommerce plugins on WordPress will help you set up your eBook store.

Become a Webinar Host

Hosting a paid webinar is a great path for sharing your expertise while growing your viewership and business. The difference between a paid webinar and a paid online course is that webinars are held live and most commonly allow question-answer sessions at the end. Webinar software such as GoToWebinar and WebinarsOnAir are an awesome help, whether you choose to hold the webinar on your WordPress site, or elsewhere.

Selling Physical Products

You can obviously also sell real tangible products on your WordPress site. This is the best idea if you have a business which you want to expand online.

Create a WooCommerce Online Retail Site

Want to sell your product and looking for an audience? Or have an audience and thinking about providing them with the physical products that they need? Sell it online! WordPress plugins like WooCommerce make it easier than ever to create a brand-new eCommerce site or introduce eCommerce to your existing WordPress blog.

You can find tons of WordPress plugins to create an online shop.

Start Your Own T-Shirt Shop

One of the coolest ways to make money on WordPress is to start selling T-shirts on your blog. Everyone loves t-shirts, and your audience will love to move around in t-shirts from their favourite blogger. This is not only creative but also serves as a little something authentic for your readers. Plugins such as WP-Spreadplugin can help you do this easily by offering you a share of their profit.

Try WooCommerce Dropshipping

You want to hold an eCommerce website, but you don’t have the time or resources to handle inventory and shipping. Try dropshipping! It’s your store, you manage the website and customer interactions, but there’s an invisible third party delivering your orders directly to your customers. WooCommerce not only allows you to set up your dropshipping store but also has a handy Dropshipping plugin which helps you manage it more easily.

Host an Amazon Affiliate Shop on WordPress

Drop shipping may sometimes require a first-up investment on your end to place bulk orders, or the effort of finding good suppliers. A much easier solution is creating your own Amazon Affiliate Shop.

Instead of getting up and starting to sell everything, stand out of the crowd by selling products belonging to your niche. Amazon Product in a Post plugin is recommendable for getting started from your blog posts, and free to use. For a full-on WooCommerce store, you can add the premium Amazon Affiliates plugin start selling products from Amazon.

WordPress Development Sales

Sell Your Own WordPress Plugins

Plugins are the essence of WordPress, and WordPress websites are constantly using plugins to extend WordPress features. Make money on WordPress by developing plugins! With some technical knowledge of how WordPress functions and PHP development skills, you can easily create your own plugins.

You can germinate credibility and become experienced as a plugin developer by starting with some free plugins added to the WordPress directory. Once you feel like a pro, you can sell your plugins on plugin marketplaces or on your own website.

Create WordPress Themes

Are you skilled in web design and development? Create and sell your own WordPress themes! Come up with an engaging and useful design, and code it for WordPress. Some WordPress theme frameworks can help you in this task.

Sell Design Graphics

“Oh, I’m more creative than technical.” I get it. Coding is not an absolute requirement to create and sell stuff for WordPress sites. If you’re more of a designer, you can create useful graphics like logos, icons and stock images, and sell them out on your WordPress blog or an online graphics marketplace.


Need some inspiration? Check out these blogs earning and flourishing using some of the above techniques.

BlogMonthly Earning Methods$40055Affiliate Marketing

Selling eBooks

Direct Advertisement$9,114.66Affiliate Marketing

Selling eBooks


Paid Memberships$167,553.31Affiliate Marketing

Online Consulting

Public Speaking

Niche Sites


Software & Apps


Hope this article helped you find out some ways you can make money on WordPress. I’m sure one of these methods clicked with you, or maybe a combination did. Tell us which in the comments!

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