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Landing Page Conversion Made Easy: Top 3 Tools for WordPress

The time has passed when landing page conversion required severe technical or designers’ skills. If you need an entrancing page that showers conversions, you can do it all on your own with the right plugins. Some amazing plugins and tools available can help you achieve effective landing page conversion on WordPress. The more important question, of course, is which plugins one should use in this cacophony of choices. Driving the traffic to the right place is a tricky little ordeal, and to help you nail it, I bring my favourite three WordPress landing page plugins.


  • What Makes a Good Landing Page
  • What to Look for in Your Landing Page Builder Plugin
  • Our Top 5 Picks among WordPress Landing Page Plugins
  1. OptinMonster
  2. Bloom
  3. Icegram

What Makes a Good Landing Page

The homepage is often the first choice when people usually decide where to drive traffic, but that’s not always the best decision. Every campaign should be directed to a page uniquely designed to convert the particular ad. Streamlining is the key to online success, after all.

A number of minute details can make or break your landing page. A landing page, by the way, is the page that your advertisements or internal links redirect to. Such a page is usually built with a clear and strong purpose, maybe selling a product or service, having users sign up to your application, or just adding subscribers. Remember, the landing page needs to be consistent with the campaign that is directing people towards it, be it an email or a pay-per-click ad. Also, including some essential elements in your page, such as an attractive heading, a catchy conversion button, a minimal form, etc. can give the user a positive urge (green signal) as they open your page.

What to Look for in Your Landing Page Builder Plugin

Drag and Drop

Besides some frontend developers, no one enjoys building their landing page from the ground up with HTML and CSS. As you set out to create a page that converts, ensure that the plugin at least has a user-friendly development interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Mobile Compatibility

With more than half the traffic being contributed by mobile visitors, your landing page simply cannot compromise in terms of responsiveness. User experience makes all the difference in landing page conversion, and you do not want to disappoint mobile users.

Split Testing

A split testing feature allows you to test multiple versions of your landing page so that you can finally decide which elements to keep for more effective conversion. A plugin with split testing will help you improve your landing page in leaps and bounds.

Our Top 5 Picks among WordPress Landing Page Plugins

Landing Page Conversion Plugin #1: OptinMonster

The essence of your landing page lies in the conversion it brings, and conversion is what OptinMonster enhances with its comprehensive and highly usable features.



–          Exit Detection Popup:

Bring back the user just when they are about to leave. OptinMonster’s super-cool exit detection pushes a popup on the user’s window on a mouse-out event, that is, just when they are about to type a new URL or close the page.

–          A/B Testing:

OptinMonster comes with A/B Split testing to let you create different versions of your homepage and help you decide which can bring in more conversions. The elementary split-test button will create a replica of your opt-in form in a single click!

–          Custom Page-Level Targeting:

The user’s website behaviour and location play an important role in their interests. OptinMonster will customize the offers presented to your prospect based on these factors.

–          Responsive Popups:

Users opening your landing page on their smartphone or tablet should see a mobile-friendly popup, right? OptinMonster will help you handle that part, too.

–          A Variety of Opt-Ins:

Give users several chances to sign up or subscribe. OptinMonster will give you a variety of opt-ins: lightbox popup, after-post, inline, floating bar, mobile opt-ins, sidebar, MonsterLinks, Canvas, full-screen welcome gates, and slide-in.

–          User-Friendly Visual Designer:

Pick your own images, fonts and colours, and customize ready-to-use templates. The built-in visual designer will let you create powerful, entrancing and brand-able opt-in forms.

–          Integration with Google Analytics:

Did you know OptinMonster is a certified partner of Google Analytics? You can add your Analytics account here and track the performance of your opt-ins from your dashboard.

–          Not limited to WordPress

OptinMonster works with any website, WordPress or not. This fun-to-use and a highly efficacious tool will create awesome conversion pages for one and all.

Starting Price:

Paid Monthly: $19/month

Paid Yearly: $9/month

(Extra add-ons and plans available at additional cost)

Landing Page Conversion Plugin #2: Bloom

Bloom is one of the most popular WordPress list-building plugins. It does not have a great visual editor like OptinMonster does, but then this is a lightweight landing page conversion plugin. It’s more of settings and configuration tool that comes with a handy Preview button to show you how things are coming across.



–          Timed popup:

Bloom does not come with an exit-intent popup technology, but it has the standard timed delay. The user will automatically see the good old popup after a set amount of time is spent on the page. It is tricky to decide when your prospect should see the popup. Users usually decide within the first few seconds whether or not they want to stay. While a very early popup may annoy the user and make them leave, a too-late popup may never have a chance because the user already left.

–          Triggers and Opt-ins:

Bloom, too, comes with a handful of opt-in types: automatic lightbox popup, slide-in, sidebar opt-in, Sign-In to Unlock, and below-post/inline opt-in.

–          Locked Content:

The Sign-In to Unlock option can be very effective for conversions. With Bloom, you can make the user fill a form to see or download some otherwise hidden content.

–          Ready-to-Use Templates:

Bloom comes equipped with a large number of templates to choose from. You can customize these templates by adding your own fonts, images, etc. However, you have to click on the preview to see how the changes you are making will look, because Bloom does not have a drag-and-drop functionality.

Starting Price

$89/year (includes many themes, a social media plugin, etc.)

Landing Page Conversion Plugin #3: Icegram

Here’s something different. The core version of this landing page conversion plugin is available for free, and it comes armed with most of everything you need.



–          Opt-ins:

Among free alternatives, Icegram comes with the largest range of opt-ins. There are popups, messengers, toasts and action bars.

–          Cool templates:

Icegram has six templates for popups which you can choose from. However, building the popup will be a bit of hard work since there is no visual editor or drag-and-drop option. Another downside is that you cannot customize the theme’s colour, fonts or backgrounds; you’ll have to make it work with whatever the theme has.

–          Targeted campaign configuration:

This is what this plugin does best. Once you are done creating your popup, you can go ahead and add tons of configuration to it, such as when it should appear (after what duration and on which dates), where it should appear (specific pages), and on which devices.

–          Easy campaign screen:

The campaign screen on Icegram lets you manage and control all the opt-ins on your website from a single location.

–          Compatible with others:

You can use Icegram with any email marketing, form capture or lead capture services.

–          Paid add-ons available:

An impressive range of add-ons is available on IceGram to enhance your basic experience. Some of these are behaviour triggers, sidebar opt-ins, location-based targeting, analytics, in-content opt-ins, etc.

Starting price:


Making a Choice

Reading through the features of each of the above landing page conversion tools, you must have had some idea of which you would prefer more than the other. Here’s a little help to clear your mind further.

OptinMonster is designed for large-scale websites selling themselves super professionally. Some of its features may be useful to you, while some of them may not. So, pick this one if you do not have the time, skill or developers for coding up the screens.

Bloom is like OptinMonster minus visual editor. Go for this one if you are looking for features like locked content and standard timed pop-ups. Otherwise, if you are just starting off with efforts towards landing page conversion, want something to try out for free, and don’t mind a bit of frontend coding hassle, go for Icegram.

Need more help? Ask in the comments and we will connect you with experts on landing page conversion!

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