How to select a Social Media Platform?

Marketing is an integral part of business. Social media has made targeted marketing affordable for all businesses. People share a lot of personal information like age, location, education, career path, address and hobbies on social media which is “sold” by social media platforms to businesses looking to target specific demographics.

It is important for businesses to choose their media wisely. Here is the USP of some of the most popular platforms:


Facebook has perhaps the largest amount of personal data about its users because each status update reveals something about the users. This makes Facebook the top choice for B2C, especially lifestyle, businesses to create brand awareness. Apart from posting updates, businesses can also create communities of target group to increase penetration.


LinkedIn is one of the more formal platforms where users share information related to career and business. It connects people based on mutual trust, hence the information exchange has greater credibility. It is a perfect platform for B2B businesses to target clients, for large businesses to establish their corporate presence and also for recruitment.


Pinterest helps businesses showcase relevant information in a tasteful manner to focus groups, hence B2C / product based / women oriented businesses find Pinterest useful.


Twitter is popular as it is free, fast and great for viral campaigns. Hence, great content can quickly trend on Twitter and you don’t have to pay for marketing spends.


Instagram offers an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their physical product like apparels, jewelry, food and home décor material. Businesses that offer services will need to get more creative to make an impact through Instagram.


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