Transition from full time job to freelancing

How I transitioned from full time job to freelancing

One of my favorite online bloggers once wrote a post about how creativity is akin to breathing. Every time you create something new, you breathe out ideas and thoughts and a little bit of yourself. Then comes a time when you need to stop, and breathe in or else you would be just an empty shell, sans any inspiration. When I decided to move from full time job to freelancing, this is exactly what I told myself – I am taking the time to breathe in. Because, I don’t want my creativity to die.

It surely wasn’t an easy decision. We humans are so used to routine, that any change in the linear flow of life causes ripple effects. And when you are talking of leaving a job, you also have to think about how it would affect the status quo. Would you be able to live the same way you’re used to right now, or will you go broke and be unable to pay your bills? Do you have the tenacity to stay home and work alone in a disciplined manner without someone breathing down your neck and no colleagues to sneak off on the much needed break with? These are pertinent questions one must ask, because you see freelancing is hard.

Despite what TV and movies would have you believe, a freelancer is not a freeloader. And certainly not when they have left their full time job to freelancing. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

The other side of the veil

When we think of freelancers, we think of stay-at-home moms spending a few hours online to earn a few extra bucks. The truth is, there are many young guns out there who prefer to freelance. They want to work for themselves than join a company. The stereotypes are being shattered and with amazing regularity. The myth that freelancing should be done only to get some extra income has been well and truly debunked.  There’s enough work for everyone – writers, photographers, graphic designers, animators, coders.

As long as you have a good internet connection, some marketing skills, and a genuine passion for what you do, freelancing should not be a hard game at all. Don’t read it to mean that one should not ever take up a permanent position though. I know a lot of people who love and thrive in the 9-5 lifestyle and who would probably feel lost if they were asked to stay home and work. After all, it takes all types to keep this world running! But if you have been averse to the idea of freelancing because of the stereotypes associated with it, then know that you have nothing to fear anymore.

Money matters

One of the strongest arguments against freelancing is the question of money. When you are in a permanent job, the numbers are easy to crunch. When you are moving from full time job to freelancing, you may suddenly lose a project or client. Or clients may not pay up on time and that can severely affect your budget. In all honesty though, that happens mostly when you are starting out and trying to create your own client base. Setbacks happen, but it is one of the prices you pay for autonomy and the right to your creative voice. Often you would get back on your feet right away and find another client to fill the vacuum. As for non-paying clients, you learn soon enough how to deal with them!

Align with a platform

The best way for independent professionals is to align themselves with platforms like InstaTaskers. This avoid any financial traps while transitioning from full time job to freelancing. It brings only credible businesses into the game. There is a clear cut process for work and money flow. Freelancers (or Taskers as we call them here) can stay assured that they will get paid at the end of the project. On other freelancing platforms, professionals have to bid for projects and payments are always up in the air. InstaTaskers has well-documented policies and an amazing algorithm that connects businesses to the right freelancing professionals in a jiffy. Having worked with them for a while now, I can vouch for how easy they make a freelancer’s life!

So there you have it right from the horse’s mouth. Hope this helps you make an informed decision the next time you think of going solo. Trust me, it ain’t that bad at all

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