Freelancing 101

Freelancing 101 – For The Uninitiated

Well well well, look who’s stepped out of the secure 9 to 5 routine, and is seeking to sell their skills directly to the world? This change in career aspirations among millennials has snowballed the freelancing industry into an economic powerhouse. With a set of game plans, little patience, meticulous execution and perseverance, you’ll never run out of work.

That Sounds Tedious. What Would I Gain From Freelancing?

Well, depends on what you’re looking for when you’re taking up freelancing, irrespective of part-time or full-time.

Flexibility in Lifestyle

A full-time freelancer who’s got his act together knows what it means to feel the zest for life, earn for that and go live it without worrying about having to answer anyone, and without having to apply for leave.

Finding Creative Projects

If you’re looking to satisfy your creative urges by working on exciting projects, freelancing opens  you up to the global exchange, giving you an opportunity to work with diverse the clients.

Higher Pay

You fix your rate. This comes with the kind of skill that’s in demand in the market, thereby making enthusiastic freelancers learn more, getting better pay. If you’re a part-timer, then still brings you this side-income.

Convinced! But How Do I Get My Gigs?

Almost 95% freelancers I’ve had the chance to interact with on forums have told me that getting the first project is the hardest. The basic necessities for a freelancer in my opinion are…


The first and foremost thing to get started. Package your work neatly, and upload it on trusted marketplaces which connect you with clients for a moderate fee.

Networking and Marketing

Successful people are those who have been able to market themselves rightly. Sometimes it happens subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, but has to happen, nevertheless.

Maintain Professionalism

You can fake it till you make it, but once you’ve got your first project, crack it. Right from sending work in before deadlines to documenting all exchanges for future reference, and raising the invoice on time.

Check, Check and Check. Now, What Can I Expect From Clients?

While you’ve got all the materials ready from your end, ensure that the client will see this through with you…

Detailed Work Description

It’s better to ask a hundred questions before beginning the work, rather than rework if the customer is unhappy with what you’ve delivered.

Client Reputation

Knowing this would help you to choose whether or not to work with this client. Some demand more work for what they pay, and some are never happy with what they get, and some delay payments. Being prepared is crucial.

Potential Earnings

Calculate, calculate, and keep calculating at all points of time. A freelancer needs to cover himself for the rainy days ahead in case payments fall through (yes, that happens too). Having an idea of potential earnings and a monthly target allows you to make an informed decision to take or leave other projects that come your way.

Great, I think I’ve Got This, I’m Ready To Begin!

Well then, improve your time management skills and uphold the kind of discipline that you followed at your workplace. Additionally, try not being lenient on yourself to ensure you are on top of the game, no matter which industry you’re freelancing for.

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