Being a freelancer on InstaTaskers

My Experience Being a Freelancer on InstaTaskers

So, here’s the thing, I’m not exactly what you call a proactive-freelancer or a digital nomad. What can I say – I don’t like travelling with my medicines. I happen to have 5 years’ of experience as a digital marketing copywriter and I’m currently struggling to write a book from home. Since a man’s got to eat every now and then, everyone suggested finding freelancing jobs online. So, I tried a few popular freelancing platforms.  And it involved bidding on jobs, trying to out-price other freelancers and endless scrolling, clicking, searching… Repeat! A real drag to say the least. But then a freelancing friend who used to bombard me with links to the Facebook-Job-Groups found a user-friendlier solution. She said I had to “absolutely try it” – of course (*eye-roll*), and it was a platform called Instataskers.Being a freelancer on InstaTaskers

What is Instataskers?

Yea… First thought I had when I heard the word ‘InstaTaskers’ was of The Minions running around doing tasks doing their “Banana and Potato” version of the Beach Boy’s Barbara Ann. But the website said they directly connect freelancers with clients. And since my Sherlock-senses didn’t spot any bidding system in place, I signed-up and sent in my portfolio. Then I hit Alt-Tab and went back to dragon-slaying and playing Dragon Age. And after my 5th failed attempt to slay a High Dragon, the 6th one was almost a success. But then an email notification popped up mid-game. A gruesome death later, I was surprised to see a reply from Instataskers.

Wow, that was quick! And it was from one of the founders – Kunal Modi. So I thought “Mitron! This is evidently an auto-response mail”, but wait… it said they already had a task for me, and there was a number available for me to reach out to them. On the call, a friendly person explained to me how I could become a freelancer on InstaTaskers.

Being a Freelancer on InstaTaskers

Sign-up as a user

Registering as a Freelancer on InstaTaskers is a very simple process. I had to first sign-up on the platform as a user. Creating an account meant that I could do both – get freelance projects from InstaTaskers or hire a freelancer from InstaTaskers – from the same account.

Registering as a Freelancer on InstaTaskers

They call it ‘registering as a tasker’ and the process might seem a bit overwhelming at the start.

  1. Start by clicking on the button at the top-right corner saying ‘Register as a Tasker’.
  2. Select the services that you would like to offer as a freelancer. For example from the options given below, the services that I’d like to offer are Marketing, Translation and Writing. These services get highlighted in a different colour and you can just click on them to select them or click on the ‘x’ to unselect them.
    Freelancer on InstaTaskers
  3. For each service detail, I can add a ‘Default work link’ or attach a file that contains all my work samples. This is convenient as I don’t have to add my work link again and again.
    For example, as a marketer, I can give a link to my blog or website which contains all my samples (see the pic below); designers can submit a link to their Behance page.
  4. Next, for each category of service that I wanted to offer, I could enter a starting price that I want to quote and attach a work sample. I can also just tick the box on the right if I want them to check my default sample for that particular category. If I do not offer a particular service, I can just leave all the fields in that row empty.
    For example, as a blogger, I can put in cost as 500 rs (for example) and mark the ‘use default sample’ as a sample of my work. If I don’t want to freelance for the ‘database entry’ category, I can just leave all the fields empty.
    freelancer on instataskers
  5. That’s it. Scroll down below to the end of the page, tick all the boxes, read all the terms and conditions and click on ‘Here you go’.


The interesting part is that this price range I write is not disclosed to the clients. It is just used as a reference to identify the relevant clients who can pay my fees.

I was further told that if a job related to my profile came up, I’d be directly put in touch with a client through Instataskers. And if the project went forward and was completed successfully, Instataskers would charge a particular percentage, as a transaction fee.

But then came the best part –

Full guaranteed payments on every freelance project!

If you want to be a freelancer on InstaTaskers – hold onto your horses, and if you’re a client – don’t run away. Let me explain how it works: apart from putting verified freelancers in touch with trustworthy clients, Instataskers also works as a guarantor for both parties involved in the project. Their PaySafe policy means that the best interests of freelancers or Taskers are ensured by them. This is how it works:

  1. You (as the freelancer) negotiate the budget with the client and whatever you both agree on, is deemed final.
  2. The clients pay this amount to Instataskers before you start the project.
  3. The entire amount is transferred to you as soon as the client declares the project complete.
  4. If the project is incomplete, or if you abscond or refuse to complete the project, Instataskers transfers the money back to the client.

The Paysafe payment system is simple, fair and it blows away a freelancer’s paranoia regarding timely payments.

Personally, they had me at “Guaranteed Payment”. Being assured about payments allows me to work with a full creative conscience, as opposed to worrying about working economically. It helps to know my payment is secured by a third party, whose benefit links to me receiving full payment. This also ensures that the projects are completed satisfactorily by the freelancers so that clients don’t have to worry much either.

Verified Freelancers meet Trustworthy Clients

Another great thing about Instataskers that really got me into freelancing with them, was the human interaction. My profile on Instataskers allows me access to an intuitive dashboard, which encompasses all that I need as a freelancer. It helps me track of all my projects, leads and progress with clients (check out the image below). However, there’s always a person at Instataskers that I know I can immediately get on a call with or WhatsApp, in case I have a doubt. I can’t tell you how easy that makes my life. 

Freelancer on InstaTaskers


InstaTaskers has a verification process where the verify the work profile of every freelancer. This helps clients rest assured that they are working with someone who is qualified enough to work on their projects. And it allows them to honestly vouch for me with potential clients. After I’m done with a project, whether they continue to give me work or not, depends solely on the relationship or work rating that I have established with the clients. This allows for them to gauge my work-preferences as a Tasker and understand the kind of clients I prefer working with. And so, while they have a healthy amount of automation to ensure efficiency, you know it’s not all algorithm.  

I repeat: Freelancers on InstaTaskers are personally vetted and portfolios are carefully examined.  This means if a freelancer exaggerates about his/her experience or showcases plagiarised work, he/she will be disqualified.

More importantly, at Instataskers – work done is weighed above the weight of one’s portfolio. Trust me, I’ve never really managed to make an impressive portfolio, and I’m writing this blog for them, so… Moving on.

Did I mention Instataskers has no bidding system?

I personally don’t like a bidding system for jobs. Nor do I like the idea of having people compete to get selected for projects on an open forum. This way it seems that its either the lowest bidder or a site-recommended profile that stands an unequal chance of getting the project. As for the client’s predicament, the onus for getting a bad freelancer is solely on them or chalked to chance. At this point, I know I’m probably just sounding like an advertorial. However, this aspect really saves both freelancers and clients a lot of time; which is time usually spent on lots of searching, sifting through a list of emails, profiles, bids, projects etc.

More on Instataskers’ Curation Process

Instataskers’ reputation depends on the freelancers they recommend to clients. This makes them incredibly selective about how they curate their Taskers. This also means that freelancers on Instataskers are experienced and accountable, as opposed to interns/freshers. This also ensures that freelancers like me don’t have to compete with freshers who charge less. Actually, scratch that last part out, since I keep getting yelled at by my peers for terribly undercharging… and no that wasn’t an underhanded self-promoting plug. That being said, I’m a copywriting professional with 5 years’ experience and I specialize in sarcasm.

Freelancer on InstaTaskers: Best practices to Follow

I’ve always looked forward to blogging my experience with Instataskers. Especially because they value the same qualities I do – professionalism, creative freedom, dedication to quality, and transparency in communication. 

So, what kind of practices do you need to follow as a freelancer on InstaTaskers? Let me tell you that they are the bare minimum you’d expect from everyone you work with. Here they are:
  • Instataskers gauges freelancers on how proactive they are with clients when sending proposals or declining work.
  • In order to indicate that you are low on bandwidth for new tasks, your Instataskers’ profile has a super cool “Hibernation” button. This way you don’t draw up a bad reputation for rejecting a lot of work. 
  • Chances of a Tasker getting more task depends on their conversion rate and their client rating.  Instataskers may offer you lesser work over time if you only agree to work with 1 or 2 tasks out of the 10 tasks offered.
  • While Instataskers secures your payments, in return they expect you to be precise when you define the scope of the project – define the number of options you’re willing to work on per project and the number of iterations in context to budget; also mention the timeline of the project and abide by it.
  • Being well-aware of industry rates, Instataskers also evaluates taskers on how fair a price they quote.
  • Most importantly, Instataskers expect Taskers to be loyal to them. Instataskers does not get involved in your communication with clients. Sometimes, clients suggest to work off Instataskers. This makes Taskers vulnerable to clients that don’t pay on time, or it makes clients vulnerable to freelancers that abscond.
    Remember: Paysafe is an important feature that InstaTaskers provide and you would be wise to use it.

In Conclusion…

If you’re looking to instantly give your freelancing career a boost, or if you are an experienced working-professional looking to start your freelancing career, InstaTaskers is the best option for you. And most importantly – reiterating – if you just want to get more work, work with clients who pay, get paid on time, and also want less hassle in the process, you should check out Instataskers, if you haven’t already. And you can leave us any queries you have in the comments below.

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