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How to Find Freelance Work in India?

You think finding a job in India is difficult? Try finding freelance work in India. Finding each freelance project is just as excruciating and difficult as finding a job. Most people who become freelancers are looking to escape the 9 to 10 (and sometimes post 12) desk jobs. While others need a side gig while they focus on a different aspect of their lives. If you are a newbie freelancer trying to learn about this world, let us be your guiding light and tell you how to get this done.

How To Find Freelance Work in India:

It is the age of freelancing; or as some people call it, it is the age of the digital nomad (hip-term for modern freelancers). The freelance culture in India is hitting an all-time high and if you are looking to find freelance work in India, you can not do it at a better time. Sure there is a lot of competition, but there are enough people looking to outsource more work. You just have to tap in the best ‘client pools’, as they say. Let us look at some of the ways you can find more freelance work in India. 

Spend more time on Facebook… seriously

No, I don’t mean that like your mom’s sarcasm. Let’s say you’ve quit your stable job to quest for the mythical ‘stable-freelance-career’. However, now that you’ve quit your job, you realise that the dastardly do-gooder – Facebook –  is taking up most of your online job-hunting time, right? Don’t worry, this is perfect!

There are tons of groups on Facebook which are a total hit with the freelance population. Clients constantly post tons of job requirements on these groups on a day-to-day basis. You pick the jobs you like, and apply to them by mailing them your portfolio. In a day, depending on the number of groups you’ve joined, you can find at least 5 new freelancing jobs to apply for. However, these are not solid jobs but leads to potential jobs. To convert these leads into a freelance job is another challenge and also includes massive amount of luck. So yes, it involves a lot of praying. 

freelance work in India

Every now and then, you will encounter posts, promotional pics, or weird spam on these groups. The more practical and practiced route is to find moderated groups.

The cons? This route could involve a lot of scrolling and mailing and trial and error. But if you’re looking to find freelance work in India? And if Facebook is an integral part of your life? How much is 2+2?

Other social media platforms

If you’re not already on LinkedIn at this point, smack yourself in the head. It is important to treat your LinkedIn profile like your portfolio. Be very conscious of what you write here and put in your best efforts. And no matter how irritating it is to others, send those LinkedIn connections a request to add you. Writing blogs and joining groups on LinkedIn can also speak volumes for your skill set. It can also put you in the purview of exceptional clients/agencies and establish you as a serious contender for a project. People take LinkedIn very seriously and this means you need to ensure your LinkedIn profile screams professionalism. So don’t wonder if you need to create a profile on LinkedIn, just… 

freelance work in India

An important and often forgotten marketing gimmick is word-of-mouth; it is the most expensive currency online. Many newbie freelancers, find freelance work in India through personal reference or through simple online networking. And it is crucial you make sure to perform exceptionally well at any jobs you receive through word of mouth. Why?

Because if you perform poorly, you don’t just lose one client, but also the person who referred you a.k.a the source of many other clients.

However, if you perform well, this can potentially trigger a successful chain of references, rendering the rest of the solutions in this article rather pointless. If word-of-mouth or LinkedIn doesn’t work, you can always do what everybody else does…

Join the famed freelancing portals online

Have you heard of platforms like UpWork,, InstaTaskers, Elance, 99designs  and other such websites? Freelance websites are the new fad and legions of freelancers the world over flock to and from them everyday. Even if you’re looking to find freelance work in India, these platforms might have a few projects that suit your skills.

Cons? Some of these platforms have bidding systems, wherein you have to place your bid on a freelance project. The client then goes through all the bids and selects the one that suits their requirements. The problem is that most freelancers don’t get the fees they deserve because there is always someone who is willing to charge less.

To convert more leads through these portals, it is important to build your credibility. Some websites also has a ‘contest’ section, where multiple freelancers attempt a project and the client picks a winner. Which essentially means you are working hard for something you will not be paid for. Such platforms are great for freshers and college interns.

Does all of this sound too complicated or too much work? Perhaps you’d prefer a more direct approach to find freelance work in India? Well, in that case…

Try curated platforms for experienced professionals

Bidding on freelance platforms or competing for jobs isn’t the utilitarian approach to find freelance work in India. If you are an experienced freelance professional, you don’t want to start building credibility on a platform or go back-and-forth on mails with clients. Serious and creative freelancers prefer to focus on their work and don’t like haggling over project-price with clients who are not really interested in paying.

Introducing InstaTaskers is a portal that specializes in connecting freelance professionals with the kind of clients that best fit them. As a freelancer, you get to decide your minimum fees or price range and you decide the kind of clients you want to work with. InstaTaskers profile the various freelance projects they receive and match them with your skill-set. Based on your skills and fees, they connect you with relevant clients only. And mind you, they don’t make you compete with 100s of other freelancers. No! They only connect 2-3 freelancer to the client which means your work is the only competing factor. Isn’t that just WOW?

freelance work in India

What’s important to note, is that this isn’t an entirely algorithm-based freelance platform.  Instataskers works on equal direct interaction, as it does on automation. All work at Instataskers is curated as per a freelancer’s preference, performance and project-conversion. Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about your payments post-project. Their PaySafe policy lets you begin projects only after clients have paid them the full amount which they release to you after the project is deemed complete. I personally love working with them and you can read about my experience of being a freelancer on InstaTaskers

This works out great for experienced freelance professionals, as it allows you to be selective with the projects you work on. You don’t have to spend hours being on the lookout for new freelance clients, since the platform is constantly doing that for you. All you have to do is be responsive with the clients that they do present to you, regardless of whether you accept or reject projects. Being a India-based freelancing platform, is the best freelance platform if you’re looking to find freelance work in India.

In Conclusion…

Which of the suggested solutions suit you the best?

  1. Asking a friend to ask a friend to ask a friend?
  2. Spending more time on Facebook (job groups)? Or other social media platforms?
  3. Trying a reputed freelance platform?
  4. Expecting to have freelance work curated to you?

I’m all for the last option, since I like to focus on my work and not on finding new work. However, feel free to share more effective ideas that you may know, in the comments below. Heck, I’m a freelancer too and could totally use more tips on how to find freelance work in India.


  1. I have tried all of these methods:
    1. Facebook - Mostly low paid jobs and a lot of fraud. Payment is often an issue
    2. Other platforms - LinkedIn - Have been quite helpful in the recent times.
    3. Freelancing Portals (Upwork/PPH) - Good but too much of crowd and set algo makes it difficult to convert clients. Payment isn't much of a trouble here.
    4. InstaTaskers - Less competition, less wastage of time, they only connect you with worthy leads, good amount of work, a direct interaction which I think is the best and no payment problems whatsoever!

    • Thanks for the kind words, Harshita! This just turned our day from stressful to cheerful :)

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