All Our Favourite Friends Characters As Freelancers – What Jobs Would They Do And Why

There is no situation in the world that cannot be completed with a Friends reference. Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe; if you grew up watching these five and their hilarious shenanigans you know exactly what we are talking of! This train of thought recently led us to a very unique question. If all the characters from our favourite series were freelancers, then what would they do to earn their daily bread (and the Thanksgiving turkey of course!)? So here goes; our take on the freelancing careers of our beloved Friends. Let us know what you think!


Let’s begin with Ross. He was perhaps the one and only character on Friends to have clear cut career goals and an erudite approach to life. Everyone else always makes fun of how Ross pronounces words, or loves long nerdy monologues. But I find this side of him very appealing. In my mind I can easily picture Ross as a freelance writer penning wonderful blogs and articles for scholarly sites. Ross also had many hobbies over the years, from mime to bagpipes and Karate. It’s easy to picture him doing fun video tutorials showing people how to learn an instrument or an art form in a week. But after the bagpipe debacle, I’m sure he’ll need to work twice as hard to make this alternate career.


Chandler has a job in ‘statistical analysis and data reconfiguration’, or something on those lines. But what makes us love him forever is his spot on sarcasm that never fails to bring a smile. So if Chandler were real life, I think he would kill it as a freelance stand-up comedian. His jokes have always been the highlight of the show. They would sure to have many fans in a comedy theatre as well. Honestly, wouldn’t you want to hear Chandler’s thoughts on recent world events like the Trump factor? Another great career idea for Chandler would be to work as a storyboard animator or script writer. His sense of humour and quick thinking will stand him in good stead in these professions.


How you doin’?

After you get over the charm of that, let’s think for a moment about the freelance career of the most loved actor from the famous ‘Days Of Our Lives’ show. I for one would love to see him continue teaching. He was good at it, even if some of his methods were arguably dubious. I also think Joey would make it big as a voice over artist. He definitely has the panache and flair for it. And those endearing little songs he keeps making up throughout the series would go great on an animated show. He could also take a shot at being a PR representative. He has the charm and smooth talking down to a pat and boy does he love telling stories!


Monica has three enduring passions in life – organising things, food, and children. At the end of the series we see Mon finally be able to have kids through surrogacy, and move out to a bigger house with Chandler. From there it’s all guesswork – what would the fire breathing, OCD cleaning Monica do now? I believe she would take her passion towards food and be a food blogger or work as a part-time event manager. She could also write about DIY and organising a home because God knows those are two skills she is really good at. Well, one thing is for sure. Whatever Monica does, she does it amazingly. Me thinks Mon would have balanced home and career with aplomb.


Rachel is a late bloomer. For a long time, she’s a lost soul trying to figure out what she wants in life until she gets the job as a personal assistant in a fashion company. It’s true that Rachel’s fashion sense helps here, but it surely would have also helped her be a freelance stylist while she searched for her big break. As a freelancer, Rachel would have the opportunity to work with media agencies on their ad shoots, to style hi-profile events, weddings and what not. On second thoughts, she could also try coaching football to kids, given her winning performance in the episode ‘The One With The Football’. The one she never should do however, is make anyone coffee ever again!


Of all the Friends characters, if there’s one who would survive easily as a freelancer then I guess it has to be Phoebe. The eccentric, wild child that she is, Phoebe has tried everything – from being a masseuse to teaching Joey French and the guitar. It’s hard to choose a particular career for Phoebs. But if we had to then I guess it would have to do with her singing. The world cannot have enough of smelly cat and her ilk! Phoebe could, potentially, be a famous freelance radio artist doing jingles, voice overs, songs and more. Now that would be a real treat!

So, there you have it. These were our thoughts on the freelancing careers our favourite Friends character would take up if they were real. Do let us know what you think. If you have any alternate careers picked out for these amigos then write in and tell us in the comments section!

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