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7 Dream Freelance Jobs that just got real. Check them out!

There has been a steady increase in the demand for freelancers across continents. Businesses are now regularly hiring freelancers for services such as content writing, design, 2D animation videos, and more. However, businesses are now offering some unique freelance jobs to freelancers. As a freelance marketplace, we love connecting clients with freelancers who are expert in unique skills such as LinkedIn profile writing & MS Excel data managing. 

While this is still understandable and acceptable, today has been a weird day for us. We received around 7 tasks on our website which are unique and very different from the usual requests. We don’t currently have freelancers for these skillsets and are looking to connect. Have a look at these freelance jobs and let us know if you would like to apply for them.

Freelance Jobs of your Dreams

If you are looking to become a freelancer, what better way to start your career than to outsource the skills that you already have? We bring you 7 freelance jobs that are ideal for you. These are the kind of freelance jobs which takes immense strength, persistence, belief, and confidence. Are you up for it? Let’s find out.

Before you dive in, please note that the remuneration for these is not as per industry standards because the industry hasn’t set a standard for such freelance jobs. So you can discuss the fees with the clients and quote whatever amount you want. Sounds exciting? Let’s look at these freelance job profiles!

1. Proxy meeting sitter

Our clients across varying stages of the corporate set-up deal with yawn-inducing, unproductive meetings happening throughout the day. They unanimously cringe at the call of a ‘meeting’. “It’s such a waste of time,” they keep telling us. But they also feel that meetings are essential to make a company look important and busy. Looking for a middle ground, they have decided to outsource this work to freelancers. Hence we are currently looking for 20 freelancers who can sit in meetings as substitutes to the employees. Are you up for it?

April fool's day - freelance jobs

Who should apply: Are you a corporate suck-up who likes to waste time and do nothing productive? Do you have the ability to convince everyone that they accomplished something significant at the end of a 2-hour meeting discussing ‘what to do for Christmas party’? Can you yawn and nod your head at opportune moments to show participation. Can you pretend to take down notes while secretly doodling random things and thinking about your next meal?

The most important skill here is to look sincere and being utterly disinterested at the same time. Can you do that?

If your answer to the above questions is a YES, apply now and become a freelancer with us. 

Compensation: Project fees to be discussed based on how important the meeting is. Perks include free snacks in every meeting.

2. Adhaar linker

Owing to the existential identity crisis that only an Adhaar Card link-up can solve, companies see their employees struggle. The struggle is to link the Aadhar document with their bank account, phone numbers, electricity bills, air conditioner, and even TV remotes. Mere mortals do it half-heartedly; leading to errors. We have client requests for someone who believes everything should be linked to Aadhar Card.

April fool's day - freelance jobs

Who should apply: People who love spending time at dusty government offices are most suitable for this job. You also should defend Aadhar whenever a discussion starts on this topic. If you are an Aadhaar card addict, what are you waiting for? Apply now and register yourself as a freelancer. Linking Aadhar card to your InstaTaskers account is not compulsory but you can do that to show your dedication and expertise, you know. 😉

Compensation: A room full of Adhaar cards waiting to be linked and free excursions to government offices, just for fun. You will also gain a lot of followers on Twitter. The client cannot promise minimum fair-wage, though. 

3. Professional Left-Swiper

If you’ve left-swiped a billion guys/girls on Tinder and are looking to up that record, then we are looking for you! You have to be full of despair when it comes to the dating world. You will have to be very judgemental and should show tremendous self-control to not swipe right, even when you come across a good profile. The clients have terrible self-control and are tired of making the same mistakes again and again. 

April fool's day - freelance jobs

Who should apply: A judgemental person who is devoid of all hope about finding the ‘right person’ and can show tremendous self-control. Our client is looking for someone who has experience of being on a number of bad dates and can identify a bad date just by looking at the profile. Our client is like Rachel – tired of making bad decisions. Can you be the Monica to their Rachel? If yes, comment below! 

freelance jobs

Compensation: You will earn good karma and blessings along with the money saved on going to bad dates and then going to therapy to recover from the bad dates.

4. Seat saver in Virar local

“People who reach office in a bashed up, dishevelled avatar do not make great employees”, said some anonymous person trying to scare the corporate workers. Some of our clients from Mumbai travel by the local trains every day and reach office in a very ‘unprofessional looking’ condition. They have reached out to us to connect with a freelancer who can help them save a seat in the Mumbai locals. To make their lives simpler, a dozen of them are looking to hire ‘seat savers’ on local trains. 

Who should apply: Are you an adventure traveller? Does your definition of adventure include fighting with other co-travellers for a seat (or even a place to stand will do, to be honest)? If you can charge into a Mumbai local train like a raging bull and secure a seat – preferably by the window, then we have got a job for you. 

freelance jobs - catching a local

The client are looking for aggressive travel enthusiasts who:
1. Love Mumbai and its sweaty crowd,
2. Have a
n OCD of checking train timings
3. Have the strength to push and shove people

Compensation: Chance to let out bottled up anger on fellow passengers, free rides on Mumbai local, and free massages from sweaty strangers. 

5. Shaadi attender

Professionals from all over the country are flinching at the sight of a wedding invite. Our clients have requested freelancers with special skills to attend weddings.

freelance jobs

The client is aiming to save up on their leaves. We have about 37 professionals looking for such freelancers.

Who should apply: People who ‘love weddings’ and think the good food outweighs the awkward conversations and forced selfies, are invited to apply for this role. You should have the capability to overdress for every function, greet every relative enthusiastically, pretend to be interested in their wisdom. And most importantly, you should be able to answer difficult questions such as “Shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” without rolling your eyes. Think you are capable to apply for such freelance jobs? Let’s get connected!

Compensation: Free food that you won’t be able to eat because you are too tired talking to the relatives. You will also have the opportunity to dance to your heart’s content and meet singles on this traditional dating platform. No extra compensation provided.

6. All-time validator

We all interact with individuals who worry about their presence on the social media. A quick survey revealed that a dip in likes and comments on their lame posts directly affects their productivity at work. To address this issue, we at InstaTaskers have decided to build a team of 10 social media addicts to like/share/comment on every post that our clients put up.

freelance jobs - liking everything

Who should apply: People who are addicted to social media and love liking, commenting and sharing on posts by random people. Note, you cannot comment negative things and always have to say positive things such as ‘wow, this is so nyc’ or ‘ausum’. An unbiased and non-judgemental attitude towards posts involving Upma as breakfast, one-week friendversaries, and terribly shot images on a vacation is a must for this profile.  

Compensation: Aashirwaad that stems from the client’s faux-confidence in life, patience to deal with and love the worst posts on social media. 

7. Dumbfluencer

The power of offence can lead people to uninstall Snapchat and it can also lead people to uninstall Snapdeal when they actually wanted to uninstall Snapchat. The new trend in the market is taking offence. The right kind of offence can bring the spotlight on a company, for good or for worse. And as they say, ‘any publicity is good publicity’, right? Hence, our clients are looking for some dumb people who will take offence to anything and everything. Are you game? 

freelance jobs - getting offended

Who should apply: People who have the talent to be offended by the most simple things say, a cat sleeping peacefully. If you are a disgruntled person, snapping and smirking at anything that moves we have clients who are looking to hire you!

Your major responsibility will be to hurl abuses at harmless people trying to post content on their own profiles. You should have the ability to rant about one topic for hours and defend your viewpoint even when it is factually proven wrong. 

Compensation: Chance to channel your anger for a cause, and a one-in-a-zillion chance to become famous. 

In Conclusion… Which one do you like?

In a world reeling under the pressure of high-paying jobs, we believe freelancers are angels who can take away a load of ugly jobs. If you are such a benevolent soul, visit and register as a freelancer today! We promise to connect you with relevant freelance jobs that match your skills.

If at any moment while reading the above blog, you believed what was written then we would like to wish you a very Happy April Fool’s day! Share these freelance jobs with your friends and tag them in posts.

It is true that you can hire trusted freelancers from our website but we don’t entertain requests for such kind of tasks. After all, we are a serious start-up. 🙂

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