Shooting a Video Testimonial

AYNTK: Creating a Video Testimonial for your Startup

All you need to know (AYNTK) about Creating a Video Testimonial for your Startup

Before we talk about the need for a video testimonial, lets’ talk first about the importance of customer testimonials. Imagine this: You want to buy a car. You are sure about the make, model, and features that you want in your dream machine. You even make a trip or two to your nearby showrooms to get that ‘touch-n-feel’ experience. All good. The sales officer convinces you to the level of closing, but for some reason, you don’t feel satisfied. One fine day, you bump into your cousin who recently bought the exact same car that you desire. He goes all gaga about his new machine and he tells you about all the pros and cons of the car. You are somehow more convinced with his feedback and base your final purchase on that review. That is the power of a testimonial.

Video testimonials would make the prospective clients feel like they are listening to the pros and cons of your services from someone who has already used them. You could then share the same videos on your website, your social profiles or even message it to your business contacts. The more people see the more people know about the distinctive element of your service.

Does your Business need a Video Testimonial?

The power of video content is no news to a digital marketer. But the irony is, most businesses take a silent pause when it comes to creating video testimonials. A professionally made video testimonial has the ability to influence the purchase decision of your prospective customer. Especially in the case when you are a startup, getting your already happy customers to become your brand voice through positive feedback, can do wonders for your business. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg of what video testimonial can actually do for your brand.

Here are the top reasons why you should start considering video testimonials for your startups:

1. A Video Testimonial builds an emotional connect

Let’s admit it, as human beings, we all are emotional in some way or the other. Seeing someone talk about their own experience always intrigues us and makes us want to hear more. When we hear people talking positively about a product or service, it makes us connect with that person and the product at the same time. We start seeing beyond the tangibility of the brand and look at it as an experience; an experience we start seeking.

The best part of a video testimonial is that not only can you see where the review is coming from, but also assess the authenticity of the emotion on their faces.

Such a connect helps build trust – the most important ingredient for growth.

2. It helps build trust

Extending from the last point, video testimonials can go a long way in building the brand trust among your current and prospective customers. Because, seeing in believing, unlike as much as reading. Though a traditional technique, ‘word-of-mouth’ is still a highly effective marketing tool. Consumers are more likely to believe experiences of real people than an advertiser harping about a product or service.

Quality video testimonials can build immediate trust and credibility, even among people who are unaware of your brand. And add the millions of viewers across the social space who would watch your video every day. Now imagine these millions of users having conversations with your happy customers. Without so much of direct communication with millions of people, you have a good word out there about your brand. If you had to choose, whom would you trust?

3. It is a highly cost-effective tool

As a startup, the marketing budget often poses a challenge. In such a scenario, a video testimonial can be an inexpensive tool to promote your product or service. Not only does it work as an indirect promotion for your brand, but it also has more sustainability than regular advertising. However, if you are in the nascent stages of your startup, then you can also shoot video testimonials using your phone camera (which can add a candid feel to it) and on receiving a good response, hire the services of a professional video maker.

Also, with professional video experts, making a brand testimonial video has never been easier. Hiring the right person for the job can save unnecessary costs and give you the best output.

4. It is much better than written or image-based testimonials

The beauty of a video testimonial is that it allows you to share the emotions experienced by your existing clients, right from selection to usage to client support offered by you. While the same can be shared via text or an image, a human talking about it makes it sound genuine and more believable. A meticulously selected client who represents your target group can add the cherry on top.

What are the different kinds of video testimonials?

Now that your doubt about benefits of video testimonials is pretty much clear, you might want to know about the different kinds of testimonials that you can create. Depending on your business type, marketing objective and of course, budget, you can choose from any of these:

1. Influencers speak:

This uses the power of a social influencer. These may or may not be your direct customers, but would be well aware of your product or service. Because, such people have a huge follower base, their opinions matter and create an impact on your prospective customers.

Here’s a product review of Just Herbs, weaved into a hair-care regime by yoga instructor and social influencer Shobhna Juneja.

2. Success stories:

Most brands bank on this kind of content to share with their audience. Success stories take the viewers on a journey of transformation and thus create a strong emotional connect. Let’s look at this success story from The success of a matrimonial site is in the success of the marriage itself. This video beautifully captures the emotions of a couple who found each other on this platform.

3. Interviews:

Straight and simple, these testimonials take the form of a Q&A session. There might be an interviewer on screen but not necessarily. Many interview videos have textual questions while the answers come from the people featured in the video. Interviews are often interspersed with the use of your product or service.

Here’s a review of distance learning program by Welingkar Institute of Management. Kush Shah, a PGDM- Finance alumni shares his testimonial in a candid interview:

4. Peer group feedback:

Your industry peers can become your best judge. Being in the related industry, but not as competitors, these people share their expert opinion and experience with your product. These B2B reviews have more professional value when you are catering to other businesses.

Alok Shirodkar, CEO of KrunchToday, a fitness magazine, shares his experience and review of his new car. Driving and fitness are closely related and his testimonial creates an impact on people who love sports, fitness, and driving.

5. Experience videos:

These videos show how your product or service has added value to your customer’s life. This kind of video story usually takes the viewer on a journey of a regular day of your customer. The scenes are often interspersed with their opinions and your products intermittently.

Here’s a testimonial video of Prof. Geeta Menon, an educator who had been a student at Welingkar Institute of Management. She takes the viewer through her daily life through powerful, relatable visuals and shares her experience of Welingkar and how it contributed to her career.

And, here’s an experience video of a resident at The Trees, by Godrej Properties.

How to shoot a video testimonial?

The process of shooting a video testimonial is pretty much the same as making a brand video. Rather, a testimonial video is much simpler and precise in content structure and execution.

Before you get-set-go on your video testimonial project, here’s a route map to guide you through:

Step 1: First things first. Get your database together.

The fact is, not every customer/influencer/peer would be ready to talk. That’s when you need to identify the most satisfied people who had a great experience with your product or service. Thereafter, initiate contact with each one of them and get them on a call.

Video Testimonials for startups

Step 2: Set up interviews with these happy customers and assess if they would like to be featured in a video.

Most people would not let go of a chance to share a positive feedback and provide opinions. Remember, you do not want to overflow your social channels with only testimonials. Even if you have a few good video, that should do the job. So get your favorite customers onboard and shoot a testimonial with them. 

Check out the video testimonial we shot with our tasker, Varsha:

Step 3: Forgo the ‘script’ method.

There’s a huge difference between a free-flowing communication and someone delivering memorized dialogues. Let the coverage be a candid conversation, where your interviewees share their experiences. All you need to do is to guide the direction of their stories. This is where you hire a professional video expert who would play the role of the director and producer.

Video testimonials

Step 4: Keep it short and simple.

Most successful brand testimonials are between two and four minutes. Because, the further the story drags, the more your viewer will lose interest. The key is to pass on the message as quickly as possible. This can be done either through visual play, an interview or a solo of your customer.

video testimonials

Step 5: Take care of the lights, camera, and background.

This is largely handled by the video expert on the job. As much as the main conversation and review of your customer are important, the ambience plays a very important role in creating an impact on the viewer. No matter what kind of testimonial video you want to create, good lighting and an appropriate setting will collectively yield a high-end output.

video testimonials

To add a professional touch…

…you cannot but seek expert advice. When it comes to creating quality video testimonials, InstaTaskers can play an important role in your startup venture. By providing you with expert video specialists and relevant resources, InstaTaskers facilitates you in taking your business forward.

No matter which industry you have your business in, video testimonials can yield long-term returns for your new-found venture. And if created and used intelligently, such stories can reach millions of audience. With professional help, the right idea and appropriate resources, creating a video testimonial can become the strongest marketing tool for your startup.

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