Convert WordPress Website to Mobile App: Top 4 Plugins

In a world where there is a mobile app for everything, why should your WordPress site be left behind? If you thought creating a native WordPress blog app for your website is a tough, time-taking job, well, you thought wrong. It is easy, quick and intuitive because just like mobile apps, there is a WordPress plugin for everything! Here is a small list of my favourite plugins to convert WordPress website to mobile app.

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    • AppPresser
    • MobiLoud
    • Worona
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Why Create Mobile App(a.k.a. WordPress blog app) from WordPress Website

On an average, more than 51 percent of the global internet traffic in 2017 was generated through mobile devices. If you are still wondering whether you really need to convert your WordPress website to a mobile app, think about it; it is usually preferred by mobile users to have a native or hybrid app to serve respective purposes rather than opening the browser and typing out a URL. More importantly, if your user has your WordPress blog app installed on their smartphone, there is hardly any chance that they will open another website for similar content or services. Beat the competition; create a mobile app now!

Top 4 Plugins to Convert WordPress Website to App

Plugin #1: wappPress

This is one of the quickest solutions you will ever find for WordPress to android app conversion. In just a matter of minutes, wappPress will convert your WordPress website into an up and running Android app.

Why wappPress

One-Click Solution

This is an easy, super-fast plugin to convert WordPress website to mobile app.

No Coding Required

You do not need to code or know how to code, or even look at any code. This is perfect if you have limited technical knowledge.

Useful Add-ons

wappPress comes with a few handy add-ons such as Admob monetization and push notifications, making it easy to implement some basic additional functionality in your WordPress blog app.

Why Not wappPress

No Customization

Easy is good; fast is better. But, these advantages come at a cost. You have no control whatsoever over the content and look-and-feel of your app. You cannot make any customization and will have to do with the naturally converted application.

Limited App Add-ons

wappPress will literally take your website and create an android app out of it. This obviously means there is a very limited scope of adding mobile-exclusive functionality to your site if you use this plugin.


If you prefer any level of customization and content-control over your mobile app or want some mobile add-ons, this is not a solution for you. If, on the other hand, you are a simple blogger or small-scale organization who just needs to quickly be available on the app store by converting their website to an app, this is the perfect and quickest option you will probably find.

Plugin #2: AppPresser

AppPresser is one of the most popular mobile app builders. It integrates perfectly with WordPress, but mark that it has not been built keeping non-developers in mind.

Why AppPresser

Cool Navigation Options

With AppPresser you can customize navigation designs to have hamburger menus and tabs. This gives your WordPress blog app users a mobile experience that they are already comfortable with.

Compatible with WordPress Extensions and Plugins

WordPress plugins and extensions that you have installed on your website can hop along with your Android app! Social media logins, camera, Maps, etc. will all be present in your Android app and working like they do in WordPress websites.

Custom Pages

Unlike wappPress, AppPresser gives you complete control over the content and design of your mobile app. While converting WordPress website to the mobile app, you can pick any content on your site, and create a custom page out of it.

Push Notifications

What’s a mobile app without push notifications, right? AppPresser does not hold back here, either.

Support for iOS and Android

This premium plugin allows you to create android as well as iOS mobile apps from your WordPress website.

Why Not AppPresser


You need to have some hands-on idea of development before you start off with this tool. To convert WordPress to the Android app or iOS app from scratch and make it look and work like one, this plugin will require you to add tons of customizations.


If you are interested in not merely converting your WordPress website to a mobile app, but also want complete control over customizations, features, pages, content, etc. this is the mobile app builder for you. It integrates with your WordPress website and you shall find yourself creating a new mobile app using content and features on your website along with added mobile-specific features. If you do not want to develop a mobile app yourself, you’d be better off using a plugin that requires lesser development effort.

Plugin #3: MobiLoud

Though listed as a free plugin on WordPress, MobiLoud is not so much as a free mobile app builder. It’s more like a mobile app development service on which you rely for creating a mobile application from your WordPress website.

Why MobiLoud

Android and iOS App Development

MobiLoud can convert WordPress to android app, an iOS app or both, depending on what you ask for.

Custom Design for Your Brand

MobiLoud’s mobile app service builds a customized design for your app using your own logo and favicon. So, you can rest assured that even though the application has been built from scratch, it reflects your website.

Push Notifications

Like most other plugins, MobiLoud, too, allows you to enable push notifications in your mobile app.

Updates and Maintenance

Since MobiLoud is an ongoing service, here is something awesome. Instead of creating a one-time application and launching it into the play store, you can keep launching updated versions of the app. MobiLoud provides constant maintenance and support for update to its WordPress clients.

Add-ons with Upgraded Plans

You can anytime upgrade your plan in MobiLoud for availing support in order to set up ads, analytics, etc. in your WordPress blog app.

Coding? Nah!

Since MobiLoud handles all the development and maintenance for you, you never need to peek into the code. This is perfect if you want to create a professional mobile app without really having to know how to do it.

Why Not MobiLoud

Ongoing service means ongoing payment

You cannot simply make one payment to have an android app for eternity. MobiLoud is an ongoing service which means you shall be making regular payments to keep your android app going.


This mobile app service is like a middle way between no control and full control over development. You entrust MobiLoud with the task of building you a suitable android app based on your website, and you have the freedom to keep adding mobile features and custom updates. If you are looking for a service that builds your WordPress blog app and maintains it with time, this is the service for you.

Plugin #4: Worona

Worona is another plugin which helps you convert WordPress website to a mobile app, android as well as iOS, using Corona SDK. They provide a separate online dashboard for managing configuration and publishing of the app, so you shall not do everything from your WordPress dashboard.

Why Worona


Excluding some paid upgrades for add-ons and services, Worona is absolutely free. You can use a premium theme, add push notifications, integrate analytics, or ask Worona to set up the app on Google Play for some added costs.

Ready-to-Publish App

After configuring your WordPress blog app with Worona service, you have the files ready to be compiled with PhoneGap. These files can self-publish to Google Play or App Store.

Publishing Support for Android

Not only does Worona quickly bring you past the hard task of building your mobile app, it also offers to publish your app to Google Play for a reasonable price if you have to convert WordPress to the android app.

Google AMP Support

The fact that Worona uses Google AMP means that your mobile app will display impeccable performance, consequently yielding great results in terms of traffic, advertisement effectiveness, etc.

Customizable Look and Feel

Worona gives you a Progressive Web App development framework. You can play with colours, fonts, logos, and what-not, and even alter the CSS.

Why Not Worona

I personally do not find any considerable reasons why you should not use Worona. But, of course, if the idea of having to manage your mobile app from anywhere else than your WordPress dashboard throws you off, you’re free to reconsider.


I recommend Worona to any user who has some basic idea of development and wants to create a mobile app from their WordPress content. This platform is pretty much free and highly customizable, striking the perfect balance between freedom of configuration, ease of use and cost-effectiveness.

Summing Up

Too much information? Here’s a brief table for quick reference!

PluginProsConsRecommended if…
  • Easy and quick
  • No tech knowledge required
  • Some basic addons
  • No customization options
  • Limited number of addons
You simply need to convert your WordPress site to an android app and launch it without making any customizations.
  • Mobile navigation designs
  • WordPress plugin compatibility
  • Custom page design
  • Push notifications
  • Both, iOS and Android apps
  • Requires some idea of development
You want absolute control over the features, content, navigation and design in your app, and do not mind some development effort.
  • Both, iOS and Android apps
  • Design based on your brand
  • Push notifications
  • Maintenance and updates
  • Optional paid addons
  • No tech knowledge required
  • Requires ongoing payment
You would like to entrust a service to build a mobile app and maintain it with time.
  • Free of cost
  • Final files are ready for compiling and publishing
  • Support for publishing on Google Play Store
  • Google AMP integration
  • Customizeable design
  • The app is managed from Worona’s portal
You know some basic development tidbits and need a balance between ease of use and high customization.

Need Help Deciding?

Reading the pros, cons and the ideal audience for each of the above plugins, you must have at least a vague idea as to which is the most suitable for you. Here’s some more help anyway!

Users who have ample notion of development usually want comprehensive control of the content, design, addons and everything else on their WordPress blog app. In this case, use AppPresser to convert WordPress website to mobile app. For a more cost-effective solution with slightly less development effort, Worona is the most practical mobile app builder.

WappPress is used mostly by bloggers or owners of small organizations to quickly convert WordPress to android app and publish it into Google Play. And, if you are looking for a service that builds, maintains and adds updates to your mobile app based on your WordPress website, I recommend MobiLoud.

Hope this article helped! You can always ask further in the comments.

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