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Best practices for Taskers for Lead Conversion

At InstaTaskers we believe in maintaining a constant flow of leads to our verified Taskers. Before passing on the leads, we call the client to understand their requirements. We then connect the client to the most suitable Taskers. This step considerably improves the chances of conversion as compared to the leads sourced from elsewhere. According to a study, there is a 70% chance of conversion of a referred lead (compared to a 10% conversion ratio for a cold lead, InstaTaskers makes the Task that much easier for Taskers!) Here is how to bridge the remaining 30%:

God lies in the details

The introductory mail from InstaTaskers usually has the business details of the client. Go through the details and share most relevant work samples with the client

Initiate communication proactively

Follow up the relevant work sample email with a phone call. In case you can not reach the client on mail, do drop a mail asking for a time to get in touch. Complete these two steps in an hour of receiving the introductory mail.

Be responsive

Responsiveness is a major criteria for clients for selection of Taskers (and also a major Tasker curation criteria at InstaTaskers). A slow responding Tasker is unlikely to get the project even if he has good project portfolio to showcase.

Score more with active communication

Discussions are generally more effective than passive communication. Try to discuss on phone over mails for major issues.

Stay in touch

In case a Client needs time to reach the decision, keep them warm by following up at a mutually agreed time or at least weekly.

Clarify the scope

Think about all the things that may need for the Task, some of which may be ancillary. When sharing the scope / quote, be clear about inclusions and exclusions.

Follow these steps and you will find leads converting more easily.

InstaTaskers has verified freelancers & agencies from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Chennai and many other cities for Graphics, Content Writing, Web & App, UI-UX, Digital Marketing, Animations, Photography, Videography for businesses. We strongly encourage our clients and Taskers to agree the scope, timeline, price & payment milestones in writing before starting the Task. To minimize fight risk on either side, all payment should be routed through InstaTaskers. Post your task today!

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